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  1. Another good place to get fiber optic cable is from Fiber optic lighting companies... found one in the US, but Ive never ordered from here... http://www.fiberopticproducts.com/ It amazes me that you can buy tens of meters of the stuff for a couple bucks, but Inon (and other companies) sell their cables for close to $100 dollars or more!
  2. Ahhh ok... Is there anyone else out there that can verify this for sure? I thought maybe the port for the ike is the same length as most other ports for the G10?
  3. Ive got a few questions about wide angle lenses for the G10... I currently have an Ikelite housing with the macro lens adapter (67mm). I was wondering if I bought an Inon UWL-100 would it work with this setup? (The Ikelite webpage says that wide angle lenses dont work for the G10... but other manufacturers provide wide angle lenses, so Im a little confused...) Would the uwl-100 and maybe the inon dome work together with my g10 in the ike housing? Thanks for the help!
  4. I took these in Lembeh, but everyone I ask is clueless! (Maybe Im just asking the wrong people...
  5. I live about a 10 minute drive from what must be the O-ring headquarters of all Southeast Asia (Ive bought rings from them before- theyre dirt cheap!!). If any of the other sources don't pan out- send me a PM with the dimensions. Theres a good chance I will be able to get them and send them to you! Cheers to the DIY spirit!
  6. Its not that I think we shouldn't do anything at all, I believe that any "advice," protests, or concerns that come from foreigners (outside of large business interests) fall on deaf ears here. A couple of foreigners (who don't eat shark fins anyway) emailing a business and telling them to stop is just going to the trash bin. There's probably a better way to address the problem, maybe by getting Thai's interested? At the end of the day lots of Thai people see us just transients or tourists, and believe we don't have the right to have any say in Thai society. So, another game plan?
  7. Does that hardware work if you cant adjust the colour, brightnes, etc settings on your monitor? On another note- the webpage of the shop that I visited has a list of ICC profiles, but I haven't the faintest idea how they apply or work! Help!!! http://www.iqlab.co.th/index.php?lay=show&...le&Ntype=14
  8. Thats very true... I'd love to see an end to shark fining businesses here but there are literally thousands of places to get them as well. We're definitely in the minority here...
  9. Ive got this problem with my laptop and it's driving me batty! The make and model of my current computer doesn't allow me to adjust the settings of the display (colour, brightness, etc...) and I just don't have any idea which representation of my images is the accurate one? I have seen them on three different computers, and have also gone to a print shop and had prints made- but Im still not sure of anything. Should I rely on the image that was printed as the correct representation of the image? Thanks for your help!
  10. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound aggressive- honestly its a genuine curiosity. I was considering staying at KBR at the time, and I thought that it would have been nice to check out the dive site before doing so. (KBR does push my budget a little...but unlimited house reef dives sounds good if its worth it!) - which is why I was interested in diving there. I just wrote a half page of really poetic stuff, but the internet ate it so hopefully I can reconstruct what I wanted to say without too much madness…. Speaking from the perspective of a guest, I have been used to being able to explore places that traditionally couldn't be owned by anyone. I can't imagine what it would be like if resorts started popping up all along the strait and were restricting access to their chosen areas. Perhaps it's just a little more than communist of me to say that I don't believe we benefit from people claiming ownership over things that traditionally couldn't be owned. It is the ocean afterall! Who knows, maybe this is something that has a potential to become common practice in business realms where there is a substantial capital flow and bendable local laws? Please understand I don't mean this as a direct attack on KBR or Kaj. Generally speaking there are similarities in what I experienced as an outsider and changed my feelings about the operation at the time. Realistically I can also understand how ALL businesses might tend to horde their gems in such a place as well. As far as protecting the reef, I completely agree with the idea of restricting access, however from a conservation and business perspective I don't think that anyone benefits from hiding their assets either. I'd thought that perhaps there are other ways of going about protecting the house reef? Allowing other guests to dive with your guides for a small fee or offering a sort of co-operative program with the other resorts so that no one is left out? Perhaps it would be beneficial for people to experience the restrictions on their dive behaviour and see the positive results on your reef? Either way, I am big on exploring and would have loved to check it out. Perhaps you'll be hearing from me next time I'm in Lembeh!
  11. Hi Kaj, Thanks for your reply! ... Im not sure I understand though. Its not possible to "own" the water, however you do "own" the water? How far out does this extend? How deep? Sorry, Im a little perplexed still. I have been to many diving destinations where resorts let others dive on their house reefs and share the experience even in high traffic areas without any ill effects above what might have happened with only one resort diving there... Do dive trips from KBR restrict their presence at other high traffic sites in the straight in attempt to keep the reef (and muck) pristine as well?
  12. Hey everyone! Im relatively new in these parts (been lurking for a long time...), absorbing information and just learning from a wonderful cross section of people who seem to be pretty friendly! Anyway, I wanted to ask about KBR, specifically about the house reef! I was in Lembeh recently and staying with another resort. We tried to do a dive on the KBR hose reef and we were told that the resort "rents the bay" by one of the staff there, that we werent allowed to dive in the straight out in front of KBR- and we were turned away. Ive never had any other problems at other resorts but I was just wondering if this was something that resorts in Lembeh are starting to do, and the "legality" of it all? ...it seemed to leave us with a sour feeling thats for sure! (Our guide seemed puzzled and wondered when someone would come along and rent the shoreline close to hairball or TK!) Thanks!
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