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  1. Yorkie88, I found a smaller box that the strobes will fit in ( actually the box my new strobes came in). It reduced the shipping cost to Melbourne to $74. With insurance it is $89. If you are still interested, let me know.
  2. Shipping to Melbourne by UPS is $333.45 US. Shipping by USPS is $133.05 US.
  3. Shipping to Melbourne? No idea. I’ll try to find out today.
  4. Original boxes, purchased in 2017, including diffusers. Perfect condition. Also included are CM dome diffusers custom made for Z240's. $750. plus shipping for both strobes and dome diffusers. Will be shipping from Los Angeles. By the way, the dome diffusers sell for $130. Per pair. I am including them with the strobes at no extra cost. .
  5. I’m worried that I’m not storing my Sola lights properly for travel. I store them in a Lipo Safe bag, but still. Can the Wetpixel group tell me how they travel with Solas?
  6. Reef Photo has checked the housing over and pressure tested it. Per the service manager, no maintenance was required, and all buttons and controls work as they should, yay! It is on its way back to me now, and I will be posting photos of it shortly.
  7. I am selling my D800 body with the Subal housing body. Camera pix below. The housing is presently at Reef Photo getting its final maintenance check and reinstalling the standard viewfinder. I'll post photos of the housing as soon as it is returned. Caveat(s): Subal issued a retrofit for the back of the housing a couple of years ago because the buttons were sticking. There is no problem since the retrofit, but you do have to work the buttons some after a day's diving. I do that anyway with every housing, just makes sense. The camera has never been flooded, but the housing has been, quite a while ago ( worn port o-ring). Luckily, the flood was an hour away from Reef Photo, so it had a full checkup and moisture alarm replacement within the afternoon. ( The camera was toast, I am selling the replacement Nikon D800.) I've been using the setup ever since with no issues. I've included a photo from my last trip with it, three weeks ago. It is a 36 megapixel camera, full frame, with everything it came with, box, manuals, DVD, camera strap, battery charger, two batteries. The housing is set up for fiber optic cables (two), and standard viewfinder. Selling them both together for $2300.
  8. Camera has been sold
  9. Yes, sTill available at $1350.
  10. It has 3412 actuations. I bought it to try out birding, took it on one outing and was bored with birding. I put it back in the box and now it's for sale and I'm back to full frame.
  11. Everything in the original Nikon Box is included, the warranty paper is still blank. I used this camera for 6 days, it has never been underwater. It is in perfect condition. Price is $1350. and buyer pays for shipping and insurance.
  12. Well, I realize I made a big mistake by not offering up the camera to non-US buyers. I don't know why I did, I sold my last camera ( Nikon D700) to someone from Kuala Lumpor, and everything worked out fine. So I'm selling the very gently used Nikon D500, buyer does pay for shipping though.
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