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  1. I have a nauticam housing with a Nikon D850 and a Nexus acrylic dome with nauticam adapter and 3 mm extension on it. It is not one of the small domes. I also have the nauticam straight viewfinder which ads a tremendous amount of weight to the back of the housing but I love that viewfinder. Am wondering what solution others have found for weighting the front dome so that the rig is not so back heavy/dome up. I'm experimenting in a large tub with a 1 lb. ankle weight strapped to the port extension. Have heard some talk of stick on lead car wheel weights stuck on the shade. Not sure how to safely do additional flotation toward the back of the camera that wouldn't get in the way as a different option. What has been the best solution for the gurus out there? Judy Johnson
  2. I recently used my new D850 in a Nauticam housing at Misool Eco Resort Indonesia. I am very much in love with it. I used a Nikon D2x in a Nexus housing for many years and then the same housing was retrofitted to contain the D4 although many functions were not accessible because of the retrofit. This is my first Nauticam housing and I am very impressed with the ease of use and the vacuum system. I used the Nikon 8-15 and the Nikon 105mm. Fortunately my Nexus dome port with a 30mm extension and Nauticam to Nexus converter ring worked perfectly with the Nikon 8-15. 15mm was the only range that did not vignette on the shade but I didn't need any more than that. I should be set with this rig for many years. Of course it also required larger portable external hard drive space and bigger XQD cards. I went from 32G to 128G. You can actually take a pic at 15mm and turn a tiny fish into a nice looking fish portrait if you want. So far I have not used the camera much on land. I particularly like the availability of back button focus and the ability to easily switch between stills and video. I use Ike 161 strobes and have not had TTL since film days so I shoot all manual camera and strobes. Yes, I spent a lot of money but I hadn't upgraded in a long time. I considered going to a 4/3rds camera to have less heavy equipment to haul around the world and hand hold on topside wildlife shoots but I'm glad I stuck with a DSLR. Judy Johnson Texas, USA
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    Nauticam housing for Nikon D4
  4. Check out The Vested Interest in Denton, TX www.vestedinterest.com 800-928-0157 My husband and I both have his custom made vests. You can add or leave off pouches or padding to your specifications. Made out of very strong parachute material that is very lightweight. He makes parachutes too. We've been very happy with ours. Judy Johnson
  5. I've been shooting a D2x in a Nexus housing for many years. Am finally looking at upgrading my underwater rig to a Nauticam housing for the D4 or the D800. I currently own a D4 camera which is used a lot for topside wildlife photography where the rapid frame rate is a must. I'm used to the large size of the Nexus housing for the D2x and am wondering if those of you who are familiar with both systems - a Nauticam housing for the D4 and a Nexus housing for the D2x would find that they are similar in size and handling underwater. I would be interested in hearing your comments on that. In Dallas I am not anywhere close to a dealer to actually see and feel the Nauticam housing for either camera. Fiberoptics and TTL in the D800 would be nice but I have always shot fully manual camera and manual strobes - Ikelite 125's - so shooting all manual strobes would not be a deal breaker. I think I might likely switch to something like the Sea and Sea YS D1's in order to have a smaller package with more variability in settings. Since I currently own a nice array of ports and extensions for the Nexus I would be using the adpater ring for the Nauticam and continue using my existing ports. Would also love to hear from anyone else who is doing the same and how it is working for them. Thanks for any input. Judy Johnson
  6. Second pic from Cozumel with the small Bare Dome Port
  7. I did some diving in Cozumel and used the dome port made by Barry Guimbellot. I used it on my Nexus housing with the Tokina 10-17 lens on a Nikon D2x camera. It is so much easier to pack and use the small dome rather than the large dome I originally purchased from Nexus. It also doesn't make the housing so buoyant in the front like the big dome does which makes it much more comfortable to use underwater. I'm usually having to twist downward with my wrists to keep the housing level with the big dome port on so for someone with carpal tunnel tendencies it keeps the stress on the wrists much lower. It makes for really sharp pictures edge to edge and is a lot easier to use besides being a lot less expensive. I've attached some pics I took with it. Pics are not cropped
  8. Hi Rajesh, I hope you got some good pictures in the Red Sea. I just came back from Anilao, Philippines and used the Bare Dome Port with my Tokina 10-17 lens. The combination works great, so I have included a few images. The anthias next to the barrel sponge were taken at 17mm and both the other images were taken at 10mm. Images were all sharp edge to edge. The port is small and lightweight which handling underwater easy, not to mention packing the port for airline travel is easier than packing large ports. Workmanship is first class on the port, so I would suggest it to anyone. Thanks, Judy
  9. I have one to sell. Are you still looking? It does not have the dome kit installed on it. squidpro
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