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  1. I am a verified PayPal user Country: Slovenia BR Robert
  2. Hi, are you willing to ship to Europe? Cost? BR Robert
  3. Sorry for late reply, I am away till saturday, can you bare with me till then? BR Robert
  4. Excellent setup :-) I have Subal with D2Xs too. Let me see how much I can get out of my piggy bank and I'll get back to you BR Robert
  5. Hi, tx for explanation. It still leaves an open question how are strobes workingwith TTL? I assume they only work M How and with what were you shooting TX Robert
  6. Hi, im am interested in setp, my qestion is how were strobes upgraded to work digital? I have the same strobe and ikelite stated taht is not posible to upgrade it to DS standard. BR Robert
  7. Hi, I am interested in strobe set and 10,5mm lens. Are you willing to split the kit? BR Robert
  8. Hi, I am interested, can you post, send some pictures of the lens. BR Robert
  9. From looking thru the posts TTL on digital is fare from desired on most setups. It is complicated and proprietary to camera housing and strobe. So if you go with strobes, manual is still preferred mode for most of the users. If you set all to manual including strobe power, by my logic camera should be able to fire any strobe since it just sends info about timing and nothing else. Or is film manual different from digital manual? So even in manual mode you should go with digital strobes for digital and analog strobes for film? What to do with analog strobes? Use slave modules? Which ones? Or use them as expensive paper weights J BR Robert
  10. Hi all! I would appreciate a comment and suggestion how to solve a DSLR strobe setup dilemma. I have a Nikon D2Xs in Subal Nd2 housing with two bulk head connectors. Taking Macro and wide angle pictures. Taking pictures in good and bad visibility seas. I already have Ikelite Substrobe 200 (not DS200) and appropriate cabling for Nikon (used on my previous setup on Nikon F5). Since I upgraded to digital I am also looking to upgrade to dual strobe setup. I am now in a dilemma what to do: · TTL or manual? A year ago it would probably be a straight answer- manual. Today? What to do with old Ikelite? · Second strobe TTL old one manual? How to set it up? Slave on old one. Stay with same size same brand? · What power of second strobe? Same? Can be smaller? · Combinations that I considered: o Sub strobe 200 + Manual controller and Ikelite DS200 –ITTL converter for Nikon o Sub strobe 200 + Manual controller and Ikelite Ds125 (or 160) –ITTL converter for Nikon o Buy all new (not to happy L) What? o Sub strobe 200 + Manual controller and Nikon SB800 in a housing (Subal) o Sub strobe 200 + ?????? I would appreciate any suggestions BR Robert
  11. Purchased:Subal DP-FE2 +extensions It vas very nice working with Luko, communication was perfect so were the items purchased. Highly recommended. BR Robert
  12. This is a best offer deal!!! Price is negotiable. It is a unique chance to get a pro set for low price Send me an offer and we can talk BR R
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