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  1. http://seatool.net/list/K5-7.html Lets hope someone will get to review this... Now we get to see how this little Pentax can handle the pressure
  2. Got the price wrong $3200 usd.. Well I guess just to except to pay over 3 k for it..
  3. Great NEWS Pentax Fans.. Just got an E-mail from the great guys from Reef Photo & Video... Recsea / seatool are working on a PENTAX K-5 Housing for release this March... NOW sit down after that excitement! Price will be target around $3400 USD.. But I have seen a Recsea / Seatool Housing in action, they are one of the best Quality Housing I have seen (bomb proof).. Like the KX / KM housing they make, it will allow for the pop up flash to be used for optical triggering strobes like the Inon Z-240. All the Ports made for the KX housing will work. With lens options being DA 10-17mm Fisheye, DA 18-55mm, DFA 50mm Macro and DFA 100mm macro. If you have the dollars you can have a top notch Professional Underwater Housing for PENTAX With the Diveross housing the budget option for the K-5.. Ikelite have only indicated that they are considering a housing for the K-5, but are not currently working on one.. Investing in Recsea Ports seems wise as they are the only ones with custom made housing for Pentax DSLR's ATM... KM \ KX and with the soon to Market K-7 \ K-5 housing..
  4. I second that... Pentax are going after the Outdoor Photographer market.. A quality Underwater housing will fit that image nicely. The Pentax DA 14mm f2.8 with a min focus of 17cm would be a sweet lens to take underwater...
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