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  1. Subal ND2 Housing for sale. Excellent condition will sell as complete set up including: Subal ND2 housing for Nikon D2X with GS180 viewfinder, 2 Ikelite substrobe DS 125, 2 Ikelite substrobe smart chargers, 1 dual Ikelite TTL Cord, Ikelite TTL Adaptor, 1 Subal housing hotshoe connector w/circuit board for the ND2, 1 Ultralite arm package containing 2 arms, 4 clamps, 2 base adaptors, DP FE2 Dome port and extension ring with dome port cover for 12-24 mm Nikon lens, 1 port for Nikon 105 lens. Nikon D2X camera is not included but may be negotiable. Pictures with substrobes, GS 180, FE2 and 105 ports. $5,200.00 for complete set.
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