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    Hi John, Apologies for the long wait, i never got your emails (suspect it might have gotten trapped in my spam filter), and i've just seen your message here today. If you are still interested, please either: -leave me your email and i will email you -try emailing me again at cannibal33@gmail.com Again, am sorry about not replying, it's rude and i wouldnt do it on purpose Cheers, Jay
  2. cannibal33


    Hi everyone, i have a Sea & Sea NX80 (housing for Nikon F80) for sale. Items are as follows: 01 x NX80 01 x Standard flat port + cover 01 x Compact dome port + cover 01 x YS-90 TTL Duo strobe 01 x YS-90 DX strobe 01 x 5pin Dual Sync Cord 01 x Stormcase im2600 02 x Sea Arm V Price is USD 2350, not including shipping If you don't have a Nikon F80, i'd be willing to let go of mine (body only) for a small additional cost I live in Singapore. Email me if you want some pictures of the kit or if you have any questions. jay33@starhub.net.sg Thanks for viewing!
  3. Hi Caveman, Sent you a pm - but the strange thing is that its not in my sent items folder. Did you get it? Cheers, Canni
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