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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if it would be possible to give me alle the possible solutions regarding FO connecting strobes to an Ike G9 housing (or other Ike housing). I read for a week about how to do it, but I still can't find a step by step or extensive explanation of what you need and how to do it. The plan would be to go for z240's, however if there are better (strobewise) packable options, I'm interested to hear about them. Initially I wanted to go for a D200 or D70 setup, but I past on the idea because of the size. If I go on dive holiday then I want my camera with me. Thanks for the help! Greetings
  2. Nobody that is able to give me a good deal? cheaper is better (still a student you know) so maybe it is better to send D70 stuff?
  3. Hey guys and girls If someone has a housing that is not being used and you want to sell it for a nice price to a poor Belgian student just kidding (but cheap is fun ) Thanks a lot! Greetz, Jona
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