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  1. Hi I have a Canon 450d with an 18-55 mm in a sea & sea housing with a flat port. I am a total amateur and would like to take better pics. What would be the advatages of going to a dome port ? Can I use a close up filter in the dome with the lens that I have ? I was just thinking it would be cool to have some variation from wide angle on one dive to being able to focus a little closer on other dives. This without going to the expense of different ports and lenses etc - seeing as i am just an amateur. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Lance
  2. Hi I am looking for two Sea & sea L-type fibre optic cables to fit the RDX 500 D housing. They do not need to be new - as long as they work. thanks Lance
  3. Hi - I have bought an RDX 500d housing and now I am looking for the handles (double) and strobe arms. I have two strobes already. Please PM me if you have - any condition. thanks
  4. Hi - I am looking for a used double grip stay and the arms for a sea and sea RDX housing. I don't mind what make it is - as long as it works. I have strobes. I would appreciate you replying if you have any. Thanks Lance
  5. Hi Thanks very much for this. I thought it may be a lens issue, and was told not to use the adapter that I currently use. I have been looking around for a suitable lens and I may have found it. Thanks so much, 'cos now I can go ahead and get a lens without thinking that I would have made a mistake. Appreciate it. cheers
  6. Hi Chris This is very informative and I see things in a different light. Thank you so much for posting this here. I was battling with the idea of forking out a lot of money for a proper housing, but I need to re-look this seriously. I love stills and am quite passionate about it - a new lens will be the way forward too. Thanks again Lance
  7. Hi - I am looking for a housing for my Canon 450d. Please PM me if you have something. Thanks
  8. Hi Balrog, thanks so much for your input. I will take the adapter off and give it a bash on Saturday . Will look at prices of the Tokina. i have a housing made by a local marine shop - after using it for a while I know that I must go with a proper housing. I did make a mistake. I have put up a post asking if anyone is selling a housing for the 450d - so I'll wait and see. thanks again
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely try the aperture. I normally shoot on 5.6 with 200 speed. I probably am trying to get too close to the subject. The adapter - something like this http://www.cs.mtu.edu/~shene/DigiCam/User-.../WideAngle.html I have read that optical quality is reduced. Maybe I should do one dive without it on - and see. Thanks for the info again - appreciate it. Lance
  10. Hi, I have a canon 450d with the standatd 18-55 mm lens ( C class ). I have a wide angle adapter lens screwed on the end. I am finding that quite a few fotos are not 100% in focus if I zoom into the pic from the PC. My question would be: Would it be in my best interest to buy a better quality lens such as a B class ? I am just wondering if the time taken for the auto focus is not fast enough and a better quality lens would be faster to focus on the subject ? Thanks Lance ps) I have looked on the net and my lens does not have USM (ultrasonic motor) - I believe having a lens with this would help with auto focus ? Thanks
  11. Hi, I am looking for a housing for my Canon 450 d. I have a standars 18-55 mm lens on it. A dome or std port would suffice. would like Sea & sea RDX or Ikelite housing. I can get new for around $ 1500, but am looking for something more cost effective. Thanks
  12. Hi - Would a 450 D fit into this housing ? thanks
  13. Hi Thanks for this info, I'm gonna try that - will be fun scouting around. Cheers
  14. Hi Tim Thanks for the info and yes unfortunately the age is a factor - lol. Oh well, I'm having fun and getting some pretty decents shots (at times) Thanks
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