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  1. Hi Guys Sorry about the delay, my card reader stopped working on my Mac so I have had to take the photos of the housing with my phone. I tried to show no scratches on ports and the scratches on the bottom of the housing (they can be easily touched up but didn't want to hide anything) If there is anything else you want me to take a photo of please let me know Cheers Brad
  2. Nauticam D7100 housing (can also be used for 7200) with Vacuum seal and leak detection system. What's included NA-D7100 housing Macro 60 port for Nikon macro 60mm 8.5" wide angle dome port 20mm extension ring with lock. No scratches on the acrylic Tokina 10-17mm zoom gears. I am not getting the use of this housing I would like so thought I'll see if I can sell it for a good price. I am not urgent to sell at all. I will take more photos for interesting parties if required Will post international but will have to be signature ONLY. Send me any questions. Location Sydney Australia Price $4000AUD
  3. HI guys Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, I have used new rechargeable batteries and seems to fix most of the issue. Tom I will try leaving them on for a while to reform the cap.... Thanks for your help Brad
  4. Hey Guys SO I have a couple of strobes that are having a little trouble...... when I turn them on nothing happens,,,,,,,,, but if I tap it it turns on...... does anyone know what is going on???? are the capacitors starting to go or is it something else??? Im leaving for an overseas trip in a few weeks so would love to sort them out before I go..... Thanks Brad
  5. Hey Mate Can you post to Australia? If so do you know how much it will cost? Also Does it shoot in pal or ntsc? Thanks Brad Reply can be to brad@bkces.com
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