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  1. opened for offers as i sell my old stuff... D7000 body if you want, Nikkor 60mm micro old type aquatica housing for d7000 (with openings for sync cords, no optic) 8 inch dome port + ring for Tokina aquatica macro port in functional condition, never leaked, signs of usage through years shipping completely on buyer, stuff in Croatia sending pics on request for more info goran.butajla@scubalife.hr
  2. maybe the lever which is used to change the lens is not in the right position, happened to me once with the same rig. try to rotate it all the way.
  3. hello, i need a quick advice, since i have opportunity to get cheap used inons, but one of them is type 3 and other is type 4. are they "compatible"? can i use them as tween set without issues with strobe power? i assume that is not the issue in manual adjustment (is it?), but what happens with TTL shooting? thanks in advance
  4. could use one Z 240, new or used, type 3 or 4. payment paypal, shipping to croatia at my cost. thanks!
  5. hello, can anybody recognize this strobe arms brand? i have two and would like to complete the set with another two, but cannot remember the manufacturer... thanks very much
  6. may i have two and would you ship to europe, croatia? thanks
  7. one of iconic images to consider would be Dr. Mustard "selfie" with curious sea lion on his shoulder. everytime i see it somewhere on the web generates a big smile on my face. interesting is that few purists would maybe find some objections to the image overall, but in my opinion image doesnt have to meet all photo criteria to be iconic
  8. back to the subject, i had leak in my nimar housing twice in the past (with nikon d 80). im not using it anymore,because upgraded to aquatica. first leak was due to main o-ring failure, which slipped out of its place right before the closing of the housing (or, during it!), and second time it was failure of the o-ring on on-off command. in first case, flooding was something like 1 cubic centimetre per second, and in second case one drop every few seconds, directly on the shutter (because it is placed in the middle of on-off command on the body). fortunatelly, in both cases managed to save the camera, because it was visually obvious that there is a leak.(transparent housing) housing is still healty, because it has no electroparts. even in the case of flooding drops directly on the shutter, after carefull rinsing of the shutter (body turned upside-down) and sensitive blowing with the air from the cylinder, D80 still functioning perfectly
  9. proud to anounce that my photo of crocodile from Cuba, Jardines de la Reina, is on the cover of croatian "Scubalife" magazine
  10. hello every1, i would like to get some travell advice from somebody experienced in organising trips in phillipines. as i understood, phillies are one of most diverse and interesting diving spots on earth,but it is very difficult to organise some one to two week trip to get the best of them. so, any advice about what locations are "not to be missed", but in coimbination with rather easy transfer options etc. in example, im looking for something similar to organising trip to mexico in summer, where most of people put together whale sharks in mujeres, some close cenotes, and classic scuba in cosumel. any similar itinerary in phillipines? maybe important to say that i am not big fan of macro shooting, more into ambient and wrecks, but two macro dives in combination of 10 dives overall (for sake of ratio) are more then welcome. thanks in advance!!!
  11. thanks Swift. My thaughts were also impressive, trying to figure out is he just going away or getting the attack position
  12. ok, pics are heavily resized but hope they turn out ok in screen. jardines de la reina is trully "last paradise". cuba is not so very popular diving destination (at least compared to the rest of carribean, red sea and south-east asia), but the beauty you can expect there is stunning. the main reason are the sharks, you can expect them in EVERY location in huge numbers and they circle COMPLETE dive with you. mainly you can see silkies and carribean reefs. i have seen hundreds of sharks before but this is first time in my life that i can say those two words - every dive and complete dive. jardines are very remote part of southern cuba, and you can only do liveboard there. it is not too pricey compared to carribean, only problem is a bit complicated transfer to jardines, but once you are there you forget everything and just dive dive dive, enjoy mohitos etc... besides sharks you can expect large groupers, (50 kgs are common!) some barracudas, jacks and other common carribean stuff. this area is heavily protected by goverment so only diving and some sportfishing are allowed (thanks to Castro!), which made Jardines fantastic. I am not american but now is for sure that USAs can get cuban visa and organise touristic trips, so it is not the "black area" even for them now. i know it for sure because there were "common" americans with us on liveaboard.
  13. unfortunatelly that is not how it goes in this bussiness. as soon the issue is printed, it should be mailed to subscribers.(as they did last year) that is the whole point of subscription. but they didnt (of course, additional cost), instead they "only" distributed it to sales points to "save what they can". to be clear, i really dont mind for that few euros but that move was unfair, and made intentionally. proof of that are hundreds of unanswered mails to subs. so no excuse there.
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