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  1. Hi there, New to forum... finding it a great place to assist me with some upgrades I am currently considering After a few years of reasonably successful shooting with my Ixus 75 in a Canon Housing, I have decided to upgrade to a Canon S95 Both in the UK and overseas I enjoy wreck photography and i use a INON UFL - 165 AD fish eye lens, which I am very pleased with .. If my understanding is correct with the 95 and it's 28mm lens and the 95 using a different lens mount (LD) I will have compatibility issues trying to re-use the lens .. I am wondering if I would get reasonable results if I were to purchase a LD/AD converter and zoom through the lens .... may be worth a try I am also looking at adding a strobe, usual contenders the new YS101 or a INON S2000, plenty for me to read on this subject !
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