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  1. I am not a CA resident so my opinion is invalid to their laws, but I did click on the other link and signed that link to support sharks.
  2. This seems pretty wicked. I would definitely get this when it comes in a larger size. I went diving Saturday, only took 50 pics (55F, low vis, so not a ton of pics to take) and that was 1 GB of space. I've done 400-500 pics on a single dive before and I need a larger sized card. I could do 16gb without a problem, but I want a fast storage card (diving with sea lions I used continuous mode to take rapid shots). So once this tech improves a bit more I am in. As far as speed....I read on one review that a 5.1 megapixel photo takes about 5 seconds...so 18 megapixel should take about 15-20 seconds? As long as I can upload all my pics within 1 to 1.5 hours (interval time) I am ok with the speed. Even then, it's better then nothing. Presently I copy my photos over when I get back to shore - but a camera may flood from dive 1 to dive 3
  3. I use the DiveCaddy for my scuba gear. I can fit my Vortex V-12 (i have a size 12 shoe), my Oceanic Probe LX (size XL if not mistaken), 1st/2nd stage with octopus and pressure gauge, 5MM full wetsuit, hood, pinnacle boots (7mm i believe), gloves, mask, battery box (think small pellican box full of batteries), and two head mounted Sun Tilos lights. All of this comes to just about 50 lbs. I have flown US Airways four times and Southwest (ok Southwest doesn't really count since they couldn't care less). Absolutely no problems using it as a carry on - and dammit, 50 lbs is heavier then I thought it would be lol. For my camera, I have my nauticam 550d, one strobe (i could probably get a 2nd in there), some misc stuff (cables, dive watch, medicine, moisture munchers) stored in a medical bag. The bag is JUST big enough to fit all of that stuff. It's my "purse" carry-on. Again, same as above, no issues going places with it. As far as TSA search, depending on which airport I go to and who I deal with, ends up being what gets searched. One time they wanted to see my camera bag, and another time they wanted to see my battery box. They never once asked me to undo my dive caddy bag. Yes the dive caddy is pricey, but I do love it. For the most part I carry ALL of my dive gear with me (exception dive knife, and a few other minor things). That's comfort. If the airline loses my suitcase at most I will be out a dive knife, a spare light, a few nicknacks, and clothing. The most important thing is that the dive WILL GO ON! Now once I start diving with my dry suit I will be taking that with me to destinations with cold water....that is definitely going in the suit case. I need to get dive insurance for gear lol
  4. Hehe, double post within a single post. That's new Thanks Bill! When I get home I will dissemble (whow, Short Circuit movie just popped in my head) my rig.
  5. Are you sure posting pics on facebook means that you assign your rights to facebook? That doesn't seem to make much sense to me and I would wager it is a hard argument for facebook to make in court. Especially since many of those pictures are of minors, posted by minors, who do not have the legal authority to sign away anything. I do know Facebook has some clauses that sound weird but it is mainly to protect facebook, not allow them to sell/give/etc your pictures.
  6. Cool. I didn't know what the appropriate cost was. I thought $10 was low but I just didn't know. @Deco - Isn't putting my name on the photo enough? Does the copyright symbol need to be there? I obviously wouldn't provide RAW, but I would provide the largest format I could create in JPG. That gives people more options to print bigger images. How does one register with the copyright office? I assume it is a one time registration (e.g. so they have my name) and I just apply my name to all of my photos? If you have a link to good information I would be happy to read that (unless your answer is short and you don't mind taking the time to post)
  7. Is that needed for any reason? Will the rings be damaged if they sit in the housing?
  8. Before responding to the editor a few things: 1) Check the e-mail and make sure the domain (the portion after the@ symbol) is legitimate. 2) Get a phone number. Sorry, but giving W-9 personal info is not going to happen if I didn't meet the person. There are way t oo many identity thieves out there 3) If you plan on selling more in the future think about registering an LLC (not expensive) and have them pay you as a contractor. You are responsible for paying the taxes, so they do not need your social. Congratulations on getting your picture in the mags! When it is out for publication, and if you don't mind, post it here?
  9. Whoops. My bad for that. I was thinking whale hunting also. I will append my post. Thank you It still applies - China has a rich history as well.
  10. So when not diving I keep the rig setup in my closet. The temperature is fine. Do I need to take the kit apart? I have the Nauticam 550d setup. Should I unscrew everything or is it OK to keep the camera completely setup (i do take out the camera so i can use it for non-dive events). So far I only have one dome so I don't change that out. I'd imagine the parts are designed to sit setup for long periods of time. Regards
  11. I think this would be cool. Some questions: 1) Is there a standard forum app that the WetPixel owners would just have to setup with that app, or is custom app development required 2) What is the cost for a pre-made app (license) or to custom development I'd imagine it's just the cost that is an issue. The two main operating systems would be Android and iPhone. Android is obviously cheaper to develop for.
  12. So I am getting to the point where people are asking to buy my photos. Some are buying for artistic purposes, others are buying photos of themselves (I typically join my dive shops open water class and do photography, letting people buy pictures). Does anyone have a simple contract they would be willing to post here or provide to me directly? I am basically looking for something along the lines of: You are purchasing the photo from me, but not the right to produce copies of it for retail purposes. You may make copies of the photos to provide to family/friends (e.g. Holiday cards, birthday cards, etc) You may not remove my name from the photo(s) as this identifies the artist (in this case me) Unless agreed upon you allow me the right to use a dive photo of you in advertisements (on a side note i doubt this would happen, but potentially it could) Basically I am looking for something simple along those lines. My overall goal is to protect myself and my work. Suggestions/input is appreciated. On a side note I plan to sell photos of divers at $10/photo. This includes any post processing work. I think this is fair considering the cost of equipment, the time spent taking the shots (the dive day), post processing, and getting the photos to the user. What do you guys think? Regards
  13. Comparing this to killing animals for food/clothing is silly. There is no need to have a key chain turtle. imagine if you were stuck in a plastic bag, shaken about, tossed around, and suffocating slowly. Comparing this to a pet is also silly. Yes some kids screw up and cause their pets to die (as in the example of one of the posters here) but that is a far cry from here. It amazes me how cruel Japan is to non-human life. For such a rich culture, full of law abiding citizens, in an industrialized nation they sure do some pretty cruel things.
  14. I like it when people work together for an amicable solution. Good thing there is language in there because the absence of language will end up creating a disasterous situation. @Lerf - Not sure if my pics are good enough, but when I see the next competition I plan to submit some of my pics.
  15. I tried state farm. They refused to offer me insurance. They said it was "totally unacceptable" to insure my equipment since I had a claim against my older equipment. I lost my last camera over the summer and filed it under homeowners insurance. I have had homeowners since 2004....one claim, black balls me.
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