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  1. Hi All, I still have the set up as per the add. it is a shame for the setup to sit doing nothing over summer so if anyone wants to make a serious offer please PM me and we can discuss. I'm happy to post to serious buyers, not Nigeria .. :-)
  2. I have a near new D7000 Nikon 9884 frames only. 10-20mm Sigma wide angle lens 18-200mm VR Nikon zoom lens Hugyfot housing with leak detection and vacuum system. Accessories including mounts, vacuum pump and tools, spare o rings. 2 sets of arms and clamps. 2000 Euros/2800AUD the lot. Located in Melbourne Australia but happy to post international at buyer cost. Any questions please ask. Richard
  3. Anyone want to make an offer? It's all packed and ready to go, I can bring to UK in Sept if you want to save postage.. :-)
  4. I have a near new D7000 Hugyfot housing for sale, it comes with spares/tools/ vacuum pump. Never flooded (It's pretty much impossible I think) Also D7000 body with very few shots on it. <10K, charger and battery. Sigma 10-20 wide angle HSM lens Ikelite arms and clamps. All in fantastic condition. Best offer over 2000Euro/3000AUD Happy to post at buyers cost Ask any question p.s. Note whole rig pic does not include some items (ports,strobes etc.)
  5. First post from a newbie and im looking for advice, which is kind of what brought me here in the first place afgter doing a google on the D7000.. So.. I have a 7000 and am looking to buy a housing for it... i haver a few lenses... Sigma 10-20, 60mm Macro and 18-55 kit lens + 18-200 zoom.. What I have figured out is that i can buy the ikelite housing with one port and a dome and use all those lenses... somethng I see as a benefit when travelling, what with the facists that seem to check in baggage these days, weight is critical. Has anyone used the Ike housing with D7000? Any comments? I have one for my G9 and love it, never leaked and having the ability to see the O ring and inside is IMHO a good thing. I always do a water check when desending. Also, can anyone tell me whether a wet diopter is available for said housing... I have 160 & 161 Ike strobes also.. Any comments about those... ( I use the modelling light on the 160 and video light on the 161) Any other info would be great, for eg. I use the customised settings on the G9 for a base when starting a dive and adjust from there, never use TTL (It doesnt work in manual on the G9) Sorry for all the questions ... I am off to Philippines/Thailand and Burma next week (Taking the G9..:-(... as no housing as yet) ... ) I would be happy to write a short report on those destinations if people are interested.. Let me know so I can take notes..
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