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  1. Jack - Thanks for the info. I would have made a huge mistake thinking the CX560 or even the 700 would have worked in the BlueFin. And uwxplorer - I am thinking about FC-X, mostly I was trying to find out if the time I've spent on the learning curve for FCE would be lost to the sands of time. I understand -X has challenged some FCP veterans with new tricks that aren't always learned willingly. Mostly, I've been trying to scout out this alien idea of working without DV tape.
  2. Wow, I just posted a different thread asking to have my hand held as I considered the CX560. It would appear that this is a poor choice: Peter and Drew allude to camera housing problems. Thanks for the warning.
  3. I am upgrading the SONY TRV30 I have had for a decade. I have felt that the camera has been limiting the quality of my footage for several trips. I'm looking at the Sony CX560 and an L&M Bluefin (Standard). This seems to be a fairly popular pairing, though I'm not sure if the 560 is really just a new version of the 550? I have a few questions I would love to get input on. [1] I can't quite ascertain if it is compatible. It has been a long time since I purchased my olde Dolphin Pro housing with a LANC connector. [2] With my current camera I used lights only rarely - what can I get by with? Or am I entering a whole new world and I'd better get decent lights? [3] I have been using Final Cut Express 4. I understand there is an intermediate step to working with AVCHD from this camera. Should I be thinking about an upgrade to this new iMoviePlus, I mean Final Cut X when working with the CX560 footage? Thanks, Scott
  4. It looks like it found a perfect spot to be camouflaged
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