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  1. I have a few adapters available
  2. I can offer you a DP-FE4 with rear cap and neopren cover... for which lens are you planning to use it?
  3. For sale: Sea&Sea 45 degree viewfinder in VERY good condition, for MDX housings. Price: 500 € Shipment from Spain (Canary Islands or mainland Spain)
  4. I thought it is just 5mm shorter, but basically the same port
  5. There is another used housing like this forsale on eBay for 1499 €... mine is much cheaper and in better shape!
  6. I have for sale a LIKE NEW Subal housing for 5D MkII. This housing has been exhibited in a shop, and used only 2-3 times for tests in a pool. It really looks like NEVER USED! Housing with type 4 bayonett, standard viewfinder and 2x Nikonos type strobe connections: 990 € ...or with GS magnified straight viewfinder 1390 € For ports and other accessories please ask... maybe I can help you out with something used too
  7. Here are a few pictures of this set
  8. I can offer you 2 NEW units, never used, for 900 € the pair
  9. For sale a Subal ND3 housing for D3, D3s* and D3x... in PERFECT condition, with GS viewfinder and DP-FE domeport. The housing and the viewfinder are almost like new, and the domeport has a few tiny marks of use that do not affect the image quality. Price 1200€ for the full set, or 800€ housing with GS viewfinder, or 500€ only housing with standard viewfinder... This is an extremely cheap price for a professional equipment. The Nikon D3 series, especially the D3x is still VERY appreciated for its high quality. Just the price of the bulkheads and a few spare parts would be more than this. Only the GS viewfinder costs new around 1000 € This housing has a type 3 bayonett
  10. It would be important to know which dome port you are using for this. An 18 mm extension would be ideal with de DP-FE, but an 13 mm extension could be enough
  11. Am searching a smaller Aquatica dome port... ideally 4", but also interested in 6" port
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