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  1. hey guys ... there is a new wiki for all underwater sports in the internet, called wikifin ... i'm one of the founders and i'd like to ask your help ... i'd very much like to say: "come and browse through our articles about underwater photography", but unfortunately up to now your visit would be very disappointing for you ... the wiki was founded by a bunch of volunteer enthusiasts, most of us coming from the wonderful sport of finswimming ... therefore the content of the wiki still focuses mainly on that sport ... we'd like that to change though ... all underwater sports are still minority sports and need all the help and promotion they can get ... that is what wikifin is there for ... please help us to make the wiki bigger and better! ... there are no articles about underwater photography in the wiki yet ... this is your chance to let others partake in your knowledge ... join the team and add content in your area of expertise ... we give you all the help you need in our help manuals for writers and editors and in the tips & tricks ... but there are other ways to support wikifin and make it better known ... promoting the wiki is as important as adding to its content ... find out how you can help! ... we thank you for all the support you are willing to give ... greez ... jens (admin wikifin) ...
  2. looks like it's gonna be more complicated, then i thought ... a reverse periscope is obviously not practical (for the reasons mentioned above) ... i'll probably have to go with a pole camera (since i don't want to get in the water every time we need a video) ... i wonder, if i can find one cheap for one of the three cams we have in the family ... i'll follow balrog's advise and have a look at ebay ... also interesting are the underwater tv systems colinrobson posted ... they have the advantage, that one can see straight away what is being filmed ... with the pole cameras i foresee the problem that half of the shots can't be used, because the swimmer is not properly framed ... thanks every so much for all your replies ... you guys were a great help! ... greez ... jens ...
  3. hey everybody ... i have a question, which seems difficult to answer, since even an extensive search in the internet has brought me no closer ... maybe you guys can help me ... i'm a finswimming trainer, training (amongst others) the current british champion and record holder in this wonderful sport (who also happens to be my daughter) on the beautiful island of tenerife ... to improve the finswimming technique of my athletes, i'd like to include underwater videography to our training methods ... this confronts me with several problems though ... we have no scuba divers at hand, who could jump in the pool on a regular basis, to tape our kids ... we have no underwater filming equipment and would probably find underwater video cameras too expensive ... quite some time ago i saw a documentary though, where a swimming team used a clever gadget, to take shots of their athletes at training ... it looked like a reverse periscope, with the (economic) photo/video camera attached to the top end and the bottom end submerged into the water to film the swimmers ... this would suit our purpose perfectly ... nobody would have to actually get into the water to use the cam and i reckon, that an apparatus like this would be cheaper than an underwater camera ... we wouldn't need fantastic quality ... we don't want to win any prizes, just improve our finswimming technique ... does anybody know, if such gadgets are available and where? ... i've looked up and down the internet and couldn't find a thing ... thx a bunch in advance, for any answer ... greez ... jens ...
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