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  1. I've been searching for the 180mm topic and finally found it. I shoot macro always with 100mm and now interested to bring my Canon 180mm macro underwater. I'm using Canon 5D Mark II with Aquatica casing. I was wondering, what port extension should I get? Considering I already have: - 18428 AF Macro port - 18453 Extension ring - 18457 Extension ring With the combination of all three stacked together, it is approximately 0.5 - 1 cm too short for Canon 180mm Macro. What's the best solution? If possible, 1 extension ports is better than two. Thanks.
  2. Hey Jean and fellow divers, I own a Aquatica housing for Canon 5D Mark II and I'm buying a Gopro Hero 3+. My current setup, a ball adaptor is attached to the top of the house, and a triple clamp. I will use one leg for focus light and I plan to have another leg for Gopro. What adaptor should I buy for attaching Gopro's shoe to the clamp? And where to buy? It would be fantastic if a web link is provided. Thanks, AJ
  3. Hey all, I've just switched from DS-161 to Z240; and I had no luck with the manual (M) setting of Z240. I tried several attempts playing around with the dial from the lowest to the highest point; but no changes of the light strength at all. Here's my gear list: - Canon 5D Mark II - Aquatica house - Z240 - Sea&Sea sync cords Anything wrong with my setting or strobes? Thanks for any help. AJ
  4. Looks good Jean. If the stock is available, I'm buying it now. Too bad, no Aquatica distributors here in Jakarta.
  5. Or perhaps, the close-up lens can be mounted somewhere, say to a lens holder (like INON lens holder).
  6. @Stewart, which link were you referring to? I'd love to see the image samples.
  7. Hey all, Anyone has experience using Aquatica close-up lens? http://aquatica.ca/en/accessories_closeup.html How's the photos IQ as the result of close-up lens? Anything good/ bad? I was thinking about getting it but want to make sure first that it is worth it. Thanks, AJ
  8. Thanks Drew, great review, very helpful. I've tested 16-35II, and yeah it's a great lens. However, for several reasons, I'm happy with my 17-40 .
  9. Wow... thanks to all for your comments. Aquatica then my choice. @Mark, based on years of my experience with Canon, waiting for the exact release date for Canon new products is painfull; plus the new housing R&D by the manufacturer will take some times. So rather then waiting, I will go ahead and get a new casing . And I'm very satisfied with 5D MII performance and probably not upgrading it to MIII. @Vizart, thanks for your advice on technical. - I would get 20062-KM so I use my existing Ikelite double sync cord (4103.52) - Here's the issue: I live in Jakarta, Indonesia; and I don't see any Aquatica distributors. Any suppliers do you recommend? I need to get it fast before my next trip next month on the 23rd. Thanks again guys. AJ
  10. Thanks Gina. Mind if I know what type of adjustment they were?
  11. Dear all, Currently my UW equipment is: - Camera: Canon 5D Mark II - Lens: Canon 8-15mm fisheye, Canon 17-40mm wide angle, Canon 100mm L macro - Strobes: 2 Ikelite DS161 - Ikelite UW housing I'm upgrading the UW housing. Nothing wrong with Ikelite, it's been serving me very well; I just want to get a new one. I was considering the following UW housing: - Subal CD5MII - Aquatica - Sea & Sea MDX-5D (I think it's discontinued?) Please advise, which do you recommend. Thanks in advance! AJ
  12. I had terrible and life threatening experience diving with SMY Ondina (LOB). Make sure you choose the right dive operator; also majority have experience in Raja Ampat, but not so many in Cendrawasih Bay area. Nabire is great to see whalesharks. I was surrounded by 4 mature and 2 juvenile whalesharks at one time during one morning dive. Amazing how this giant is so gentle and friendly to human.
  13. I just got back from Cendrawasih bay 12 days dive trip including trip to Nabire (Papua - Indonesia) last week. We spent 2 dive days in Nabire (total of 6 dives) playing and taking photos of whale sharks. At one time, there were 4 matures and 2 juvinile whalesharks. However, visibility is not the best.
  14. Amazing shots. Mind sharing your camera settings? Aperture, speed ISO, etc.
  15. Your photos r amazing! Gorgeous.
  16. Wow.... amazing videos. Thanks for sharing.
  17. @ Damien.... WOW! You are now one of my favorite photographers..... Awesome work!
  18. Hey all, It's State Farm insurance. You can ask for personal article insurance program. State Farm will ask you to bring all the camera equipment to be covered to their office, including the original invoices. They will take photos and if I'm not mistaken take notes of the serial number (if available). Hope this helps.
  19. Hey guys, I'm a newbie here. I've just relocated to Indonesia. Do you guys know any insurance company in Indonesia that will take care of my camera equipment? Thanks,
  20. Interesting. When I lived in the US, I had my camera equipment about $11k in value, and the insurance cost per year was only less than $150. It covered all liabilities, damages, stolen, etc. And it is one of the most reputable insurance company.
  21. Hello all, I'm a newbie here and new to underwater photography. I just got DS-160 strobes for Canon 5D Mark II, and now I'm kind of regreting my purchase for not getting Inon Z-240 or DS-161. Do you think I should exchange DS-160 with either DS-161 or Z-240? AJ
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