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  1. Hi Gadip, try to use the Q button, if you press this button the rear LCD will display all configuration options and you can navigate through this options and make changes using the apperture or speed dials. Cheers
  2. Hi Folks, I am trying to use my Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM (not L) plus the Aquatica Macro port with the focus knob below the port and not on the left side as usual, but for unknown reason the gear on the port doesn't touch the lens gear. It looks like the camera isn't centered inside the housing/port. Does anyone tried that ? had the same issue ? My idea to use that is make my job easy to use manual focus. Cheers
  3. Hi Luiz, I spent couple years shooting with 5dmk2 without any TTL because the old Mathias TTL converter that I had working with my 5d didn't work with 5dmk2. I really missed that feature for few months, mainly for fish behavior, but I we are capable to adapt and change our mind to shoot without that making the adjustments manually. Since Feb this year I upgraded to 5dmk3 on Aquatica housing and started to use the YS TTL Converter/C with couple YS120. I am really glad to have it back. It is very reliable. The only cons I have about that TTL converter is related with appertures over f/22 where we need to increase the light compensation using the dial in the converter, but it doesn't vary, I just got in mind the compensation for f/22, f/25 and f/32 and it became automatically for me.
  4. The last thing, I think the Nauticam back buttons to access the camera jostick very hard to press when you use gloves.
  5. I made my decision three months ago to Aquatica for my 5mk3. I didn't dive with Nauticam, but had the opportunity to get both it in hands before decide. The Nauticam looks nice, had lot of engineering onboard, but I felt Aquatica more solid/strong and the simplicity of the commands inside made me believe it should be more reliable and easy to repair. But it was my perception, I think you should locate a near reseller and taste both housings... Cheers. Fabio.
  6. I tried the 24-105mm on topside with TC 2x, the focus speed isn't so fast, but I think the big issue is about sharpness and colors. I hated the results.
  7. I just saw vignetting when use sigma in the flat port with Aquatica close-up holder. that holder fill lot of area in the front of the flat port.
  8. I did tests with Sigma macro lens in the past and I found couple issues about their extension movement: 1) you need to have a bit more long extension ring that will force you to get the port more close to the subjects. If you use a wet close-up filter for super macro, you will probably need to touch the subject. Some critters doesn't allow that, making you job hard to get a picture. 2) Due the needs to have more distance between the lens and port glass you should have some vignetting when the lens is retracted and you use a wet close-up filter like subsee or aquatica. cheers
  9. Thanks CP, as I have used this lens many times for topside photos due their flexibility, some times when need to carry less equipment, it could be an option for some trips and it share the same extension ring then 24-70mm that is in my wish list for next months, then I will not loose the investment on the extension ring. Based on your photo I can see it works better then I was expecting. Probably it will not work well all the way, but from should work from 24 to 70... Thanks again.
  10. I am looking for some informantion and sample images about the usage of 24-105mm on a full frame camera, but didn't find too much. Anyone using that lens in a dome port? Thanks.
  11. Hi Starfish, I spoke with Dolphin scuba couple weeks ago and they told me that did not have that in stock and their distributor didn't have that anymore. I found one brand new unit from a korean S&S reseller.. it was shipped yesterday.. Thanks Fabio
  12. Do you know if will work with Sea&Sea YS-120 strobes and Canon 5d mk3 ? Thanks Fabio
  13. Do you still having the TTL converter ? Do you sell only the conveter ? Could you please post some picts of this item ? Thanks
  14. could you post some TTL converter photos ? Thanks Fabio
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