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  1. Hi, I am looking to buy an Ultralight base adapter to attach on the top of my Aquatica housing for add a focus light to my rig. So, does anyone knows what base adapter will fit the roles on the top of the housing ? Thanks Fabio
  2. Hi Bill, I am using the 100mm Macro with my 5D and 5DMK2 and with both cameras the image looks not sharpen when compared with my Canon 180mm Macro or the Nikon VR100mm Macro or Nikon 105mm Macro on a D200 body. I already tested another 100mm units with the same perception. That´s the reason I am looking another options. Thanks. Fabio.
  3. Willian, Interesting result. Have you tried an extension tube ? Will the ET provide better image quality than 500D ? Thanks
  4. Thanks folks.. I am not satisfact with Canon 100mm Macro and I am looking for something more sharp than canon unit. But some times I need a magnification of 2:1 and lenght of 150mm plus TC2x will be a bit long. I will try to do some tests with 150mm plus extension tubes or the closeup 500D. Thanks. Fabio.
  5. Hi, I am thinking to buy a Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro to replace my Canon 100mm Macro. This lense will provide 1:1 magnification focusing at 38cm. So my doubt is about the magnification after add a TC 1.4x ? Cheers. Fabio.
  6. Hi Guys, I got some problems with my Heinriche´s E-TTL converter and need to unistall it from my Aquatica A5 housing, so I have a dive tomorrow very early and I don´t remember the original pinout schema. Could you guys help me about what pin should be wired to a Canon works firing a couple strobes without TTL ?? any help are very welcome!!! Thanks. Fabio.
  7. Hi Folks, I will be in Panama in few months for a conference and will have some free days to know the area. So my question is about dive places there. Does anybody here tried dives in Panama ? Thanks
  8. I love my 5D and I recommend you the Sigma 15mm FE (cheaper and focus close), Canon 24mm 1.4 or 2.8, but I am not recommend you 17-40L because it isnt't good at corners.. Don't care about 5D price, just try to get some WA pictures using your 5D and Landscape picture styles, the blue will change your mind about price... hehe.. Regards Fabio Amorim
  9. Hi folks, somebody can show us any picts of Aquatica housing cover with and without Aquaview side by side to comparing ? Thanks. Fabio
  10. Hi Chris, unfortunately not, that is the only problem tha I found with TLL converter. The power switch is located on converter board, so you need open your housing to change it. Regards. Fabio
  11. Hi Chris, I'm almost use Canon or Sigma 15mm Fisheye for WA shots and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro + Tamron TC 2x for Macros. I love the 5D picture style files, they are great and I use Landscape for WA and Portrait for Macro shots with some adjusts for both, with Auto White Balance. If you need information about apperture and speed, please, visit my gallery at Pbase (www.pbase.com/famorim/underwater) Thanks. Fabio
  12. It works very well on my Canon EOS5D housed by Aquatica with double S&S YS120 strobes. I just did change the compensation suite to +0,5 on TTL converter board. Here is some pictures: converter installed Wide Angle Macro Regards Fabio
  13. Hi Ryan, I didn't know about that, do you have details about that ? could you please email me in pvt with price and shipping cost to Brazil ? Thanks Fabio Amorim amorim.fabio@gmail.com
  14. Rai, how much pins are wired to camera in your system ? do you use ikelite housing ? REgards Fabio
  15. Rai, I almost use M on camera settings and it still doing a pre-flash. I tried some times with strobes in 1/2 and anothers in Full power, but always camera did pre-flash, when flash is in 1/2 or less, there is no problem because the recycle time is too fast, but when strobes fire in full my YS120 don't recycle in time to fire again. Regards Fabio
  16. Hi Martyn, I think about move to S&S adapter, but I haven't a six pin bulkhead on my Aquatica housing, so I will looking another solution, your suggestion about reed switch would be a good idea, I will contact Mathias to discuss about it. Regards Fabio Amorim
  17. Hi folks, I did my first tests with Heinrich TTL converter last weekend and it did a good job, but some times I wished to fire strobes in full power, but as the converter is configured to TTL when I switch strobes to full power they fire a pre-flash and don't fire when really is needed because strobes cannot recycle fast (mileseconds) . The solution is change the potentiometer located on converter board, but it is impossible underwater. Does anybody knows if is possible to turn off TTL on EOS5D or setup the camera to fire strobe with full power ?? Regards Fabio Amorim
  18. Hi NWdiver, I did my first picts with Mathias's TTL converter yesterday and I'm happy with the results. I used it on my EOS5D (custom picture styles) + Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro + Tamrom PRO 2x TC + double S&S YS120 strobes. The images was converted to JPG using Canon DPP and resized to 800x533(96dpi) using Adobe Photoshop CS2. I think the results was good for my eyes, I expended a little time adjusting the flash compensation and now using +1 on TTL converter. More picts can be found at: http://www.pbase.com/famorim/laje102006 Regards. Fabio
  19. Sorry Jim, I used in my first post images using focal distance not so wide. I did not much photos using focal distance less than 24mm due the problem. I attached a image using 17mm and some crops of corners. 1/80 f/8 at 17mm Full image-------crop #1------crop #2 Regards. Fabio
  20. Just for note: I'm using a diopter +4 with 17-40mm f/4. Regards. Fabio
  21. Hi, The 17-40mm also shows distortion on my Aquatica housing using Extension #18457, not so much as on ike dome, but still a problem for me. I found less distortion between 24mm thru 40mm, then I did not use focal distance less them in my trip to RedSea. I will try another extension rings soon to get better results with 17mm. 1/200s f/8.0 at 25.0mm 1/125s f/8.0 at 25.0mm 1/250s f/8.0 at 40.0mm Regards. Fabio
  22. Hi Jim, my A5 housing has all 5 contacts cables in both bulkheads, so I just wired them in parallel as asked in the installation manual. Note that it needs just 3 pins to converter (GND, Quench, Trigger). When I got my 5D housing from Aquatica, I asked to Blake send me with all pins wired and not just with couple pins. Regards. Fabio
  23. Hi folks, I installed the Mathias TTL converter on my A5 housing few days ago and did some tests on land using YS120 Strobes. After 3 years shooting digital and almost fogetting how much it was good, I am very happy to see that I have this feature again. The tests results can be found at http://www.pbase.com/famorim/ettl2 Regards. Fabio Amorim
  24. Hi Paul, thank you for tips.. I was there today.. This store also will be closed due the holidays next week..
  25. Hi Paul, do you know another photo stores for lenses and filters here ? Regards Fabio
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