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  1. Hi folks, I'm in Paris until August 15, does anyone knows where I will found stores that sell inon strobes ? Regards Fabio
  2. Hi James, Yes, but I'm usually don't move too much the strobes, some times move only the strobe head and not all arm set leaving the spotting light at the same position, when it is necessary I fix the light adapter on the handle adapter BA-AQW and it does the same when mounted on top of the housing. thank you. Fabio
  3. Another pict from macro setup. Regards Fabio
  4. Ultralight arms (4x12" and 1x16" for wide angle, 2x5" for macro, dive rite led light for help focus and couple SB105. Regards Fabio
  5. James, thanks for the answer.. I'll try to get a trial with this strobes. I'm also saw the ike strobes, but it may be a problem for who lives in Brazil if the strobes get any problem due the burocracy of customs. S&S and Inon both has repair centers down here. Thank you. Fabio Amorim
  6. Hi folks I'm looking for a Mathias sensor compatible strobes for Macros. I'm thinking about the S&S YS30 II TTL due the weight and size for travels. Could anyone tell me if this strobe has power enough to light a macro scene for 100mm Macro + TC 2x at f/16 and 1/125 ? Regards Fabio
  7. I'm happy user from Aquatica. I was an ike user in the film years, but moved to Aquatica when Digital began. I got A20 housing for EOS 20D and now got a A5 for my new EOS 5D. If you have budget, I high recommend you to get a 5D. The colors are impressive in high and low lights. About the housing, I just can say you that I'm very satisfect with Aquatica. Regards. Fabio
  8. Hi Anthony, It's very hard to tell who is better. The construction is pretty good, the soft case, caps and body are pretty similar. Both looks like was made from just one manufacturer. If you want I could make you available the high resolution file to analysis. Regards.
  9. Hi folks, I got an opportunity to get in hands both, kenko and Tamron, teleconverters this week. I did some tests with appertures f/8, f/11 and f/16 (will post later). Both TCs working very well with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro, AF worked, but AF don't work with non f/2.8 lenses. I did tests with: Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro - AF works Canon 50mm f/2.5 Macro - AF works Canon 70-200mm f/4L - Manual Canon 17-40mm f/4L - Manual Canon 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye - AF works Canon 24mm f/2.8L - AF works Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye - AF works here is the link http://www.pbase.com/famorim/test_tc Regards Fabio Amorim
  10. Hi Eric, bought today at Adorama a Kata's CCC-10 bag for video system. It's is soft and pack all of my rig (Aquatica housing, Dome Port, Flat port, extensions, EOS5D body, 5 lenses, 2 strobes). I loved this bag, mainly because I can carrier with me into the flights. Regards Fabio
  11. I moved from EOS20D housed by Aquatica to 5D and still with Aquatica, the big change of my opnion was the 5D viewfinder, it is huge if you compare with 20D. Good for macro. The second improvement was the way to put the camera into the housing, I loved the detachable base. 5D is a good camera, rich in details, FF gave us (canonians) a true fisheye view again, but she is cruel with non prime and cheap zoom lenses. Regards. Fabio
  12. Hi Brian, If you have money available to get a S&S or Aquatica, I would sugest you to get one, you'll be very happy. If your budget is not for a 2k dollars housing, go with Ikelite. Both housings will delivery you good times. I was an ikelite user about 3 years ago and had used Aquatica the past 3 year, so it is far better. I tried S&S couple times and can also tell you that is very good! This is my personal opnion, the best way is you get hands on with two before buy one. Regards. Fabio.
  13. I had used a EOS20D housed by Aquatica and now moved to EOS5D also with Aquatica housing. I had an ikelite housing for my old EOS Elan7 for about 2 year, no leak, no problems, but I think the Aquatica Controls and port system better. I would recommend you to use your 5D with Aquatica housing. It has more megapixels, full frame (real fisheye with 180 degrees) and more details. REgards. Fabio Amorim
  14. I've used Aquatica for 20D the last year, now I'm moving to another Aquatica for 5D. I tried lot of lenses with my 20D housing and never got a problem about port diameter. I got it worked with huge lenses like Sigma 12-24mm and 15-30mm without problem. Regards. Fabio
  15. Thanks for share this picts.. The distance between Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone is too long ? Regards. Fabio
  16. Mike, great pictures, wonderful colors.. I'm feel like a kid waiting for Xmas.. hehehe.. I upgraded my EOS20D to 5D and hope to get nice shots there with my new rig. Thank you.
  17. I want to thank you guys for all the information about Red Sea. After all messages and picts. I finally choose to get the Emperor dive "Simple the Best" cruise that would visits Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone. I hope to get a good weather there in August. thanks all. Fabio
  18. Hi Andrzej, thanks for your posting and congratulation for the good images. I would get this liveaboard with Emperor to Southern. Does anyone was in Brothers ? Is it true that boats shake a lot there and there are lots of drifts ? Daedalus and Elphinstone are the same?
  19. For my EOS 20D: EF 15mm FE and EF-S 10-22mm for WA EF-S 18-55mm for closeups EF 100mm for macros With my new 5D: EF 15mm FE for WA EF 16-35mm L for closeups EF 100mm + TC1.4x for macros Regards. Fabio
  20. Hi Peter, I would get the route "South & St Jhons" with Emperor Divers liveaboard (http://www.emperordivers.com/liveaboards_routes_johns.php). According their website this boat departs from Marsa Alam and go until St Jhons. I saw the map and think it so far from Marsa Alam. Thank you for the information about flights, I spoke with the Emperor by email and they don't know nothing about flights, I'll probably will get a bus transfer. Thank you again. Fabio.
  21. Hi Peter, thank you for the information about South & St Jhons. I tried to get "Simply the best" liveaboard, but I heard that dive in Brothers is not so easy, lots of drift and the boat shaking all time. If I choose this liveaboard, probably will get my wife not so happy all vacation time.. hehehehe.. I've got concerned about South because I didn't see a website with great shots like your. do you know the better way for travel to Marsa Alam where the boat departure ? I looking for flights from Paris or Rome to Marsa Alam and didn't found. I just found flights to Cairo and Hurgada. Thank you and congrats for the photos. Fabio
  22. Hi, does anyone did dives at south of red sea ? I'm planing get some dive vacation in August and thinking about dive in South and St Jhon's with emperor divers. All of my friends did dives in North route, I don't know anyone that was in south. Please, could anyone give me some information about dive sites there, Is it better than North ? any website with photos ? Thanks Fabio
  23. Hi Jonas, after try Sigma and Kenko teleconverters I choose Tamron Pro Series, I have both SP AF1.4x or SP AF2x. For my poor eyes the Tamron TCs give a better final image with good contrast and sharpen details. I'd used with my 20D with no problems. Fabio Amorim
  24. Good News !!!! tokina will announce this lense at Photo Image Expo, March 23. Now we need know when It will be available for shipping. hehehe Regards Fabio
  25. Hi Dhaas, I've got the same problem you with my sigma 15FE two days after get out of the photo store. I sent my unit back and receive a new unit DG version. It's working well until now. Regards Fabio
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