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  1. Easy..easy..easy Dhaas.. calm down .. hehehe.. I know that zoom lenses will never delivery the same quality than primes and also know about nodal point and zoom lenses, but we are aways looking for better quality or the right usage of our equipments. My Sigma 15mm FE aways will be better than 10-22mm. The point is that results using the extension ring recommend by Aquatica doesn't delivery the acceptable quality for my eyes. I'll try the extension ring sugested by Dave. Thanks for all. Fabio
  2. Hi James, I've used #18453 extension ring that are 28,55mm long. The curious is that the Aquatica port chart aways recommend the same extension ring for EF-S 17-85mm. It looks like wrong to me. Thanks.Fabio
  3. Hi, I have seen a lot of images from Canon EF-S 10-22mm behind Aquatica 8" dome and the most picts has a soft corners. I made myself tests with this lens with the set recommended by Aquatica and the result was the same when used wide until 14mm, BAD corner quality. Does anybody try another extension ring to 10-22mm ? did you get any good results ? Regards.Fabio
  4. Hi Luiz, I saw some discussions at dpreview early today. I tried lot of times to click or reload the zeiss page looking for what is top secret, but the banner still the same. That's the reason I asked about the picture. Best Regards Fabio
  5. Luiz, really Zeiss make a great glass, but where did you get this image ? Is it fake ? I didn't found any similar at the Zeiss website. The ZF on the folder means Zeiss Foto and not Zeiss F-mount. Regards Fabio
  6. Mike, I have both macro lenses(50mm and 100mm), but after buy the 100mm I never more used the 50mm. I love use 100mm to shoot real 1:1 macro and small size fish portrait because I can get good magnification without need to be close. The 50mm doesn't give me 1:1 magnification and when I need to get some midle/big fish portrait the 18-55mm kit lense is better. I'm using the sigma 15mmm FE for wide angle, I agree with Luiz rocha about save money. I tried couple weeks ago the Sigma 10-20mm and think it better than Canon 10-22mm. This lense is sharpen, the corners quality is quite good and the price is better. Regards. Fabio
  7. Hi, I've tried with both and got a sigma for two reasons: - focus distance - price (less $100,00) Canon and sigma had slow focus and I saw no diference about the optical quality. Best Regards. Fabio
  8. Hi Alcina, I love this lense, she is the best of my lenses. In most of cases I use f-stops between f/16 thru f/32 for undewater photography. Some thing closest to f/16 when I want to make the image focused only to front and f/32 when I need to focus most part of image. f/22 is my favorite apperture. The distance between your camera and the theme also make changes to DOF, try to make tests using f/16, f/18, f/22, f/25 and f/32 and choose the best for you. Look at that examples and see the appertures: 1/200s f/32.0 1/250s f/25.0 1/125 sec f/22.0 1/125s f/18.0 Hope to help you. Fabio Amorim
  9. Jez, try to test the Mathias converter, he made a circuit that converts the e-ttl II to nikonos ttl. so you will can use your Ys90. Best Regards Fabio
  10. I like Sigma 15mm FE, it focus close and is very sharp with 8" dome port. It will give you a little bit more FOV with nikon 1.5x sensor. Regards. Fabio
  11. I aways use it for UW macro 100mm and 60mm (both USM) because these lenses can be used with manual and auto focus at the same time, It's so good ! Regards, Fabio
  12. Hi buddy, you will need the following ULCS parts: 01 BA-IK - Base adapter for ike's handle. 02 DB-08 - 8 inch Arms or AD-12 if you choose 12 inch. 03 AC-CSF - Clamps to connect the parts 01 AD-125 - strobe adapter for ike's DS125. If you plan to use two strobes, just double the list. I'm using ULCS for the last 3 years without any problem, it strong, light and works well all time. I loved. Good luck. Fabio.
  13. James, how about the magnification gain with 500D diopter ? Thanks
  14. Hi James, I'm finally get some time to finish my self made extension ring to house this lens and for now I need some advice about results of extension tube or diopters ... I'll looking this weekend for a photo store to try the both solutions. Regards Fabio
  15. Does anyone knows about how close the Canon extender EF12 will reduce the minimal focus distance for a Canon 70-200 f/4L ? It get a focus from 1.2m minimal...
  16. I started with digital UW two months ago with an Aquatica housing, my concerns was the same that almost people here, the TTL, but I never used TTL for wide angle, just for macro. For some time I tried to wait for the Aquatica TTL circuit, but after saw a lot of good results here, finally I done and got a housing. My first dive trip with digital was in Cayman two months ago and now I'm sure that I don't need TTL any more, the first time I got dificult to adjust the LCD light and compare it results with histogram, but after the second dive it was ready. My big problem was that I had to learn again to look at the scene and to adjust the aperture, exposition and the flash power, but after one week of tests, everything become like drive a car, the brain make automatic this task. Regards
  17. I've got the same problem, after lot of tests I found the problem, It was about my sigma 15mm FE, just send back my sigma and receive a new one without problem. Regards
  18. Great shots Linda ! Thanks for share your experience with us. Regards
  19. Does anybody had used filters with Canon/Sigma 15mm FE underwater ? if yes, please post the examples ! Regards
  20. I'm a happy Aquatica owner for 20D, before buy my housing I had the opportunity to play with Subal for 10D. My first impressions: - The Subal finishing are great, the soft lines make the housing feel better than Aquatica. - The gears and controls with Subal and Aquatica A20 is the same, mechanical, maybe I did feel the same with both housing because I used just for one dive. - The Subal balance is far better than Aquatica. - About the ports change, the aquatica bayonet is easy to change. - I didn't see any diference between the aquatica ports to Subal, maybe my eyes is not so accurate to see... The big issue with Subal IMHO is the price... For my needs aquatica is the best !!!
  21. Ryan, there are some long extension rings to Aquatica's flat port, look at that examples: #18454-3 3/4 inches #18457-2 1/4 inches #18458-3 inches Best Regards
  22. Hi Ken, I'm using a dome shade for fisheye lenses(#18480) without any problem. Thanks
  23. I did not use with +1 close-up, with +3 or +4 the AF doesn't work well. I ordered an extension tube to try to focus close wihout lost the AF. Regards
  24. Hi James, not yet, but I will do in few days when will arrive my extension ring for the aquatica port. For while I'm doing some tests with close-up filters +3 and +4 on land. Tomorrow I will get an Kenko extension tube 12mm and I will try it to reduce the focus distance. did you get good results with this lens uw ? Regards
  25. Ryan, I have some housing picts available at http://www.pbase.com/famorim/aquatica_a20 and some UW pictures using the kit lens, sigma 15mm FE and Canon 50mm Macro at http://www.pbase.com/famorim/first_aquatica. Regards Fabio
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