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  1. If they use the same price policy as did with Drebel TTL housing, it will price more $100,00... BTW, does anyone did tests with the Aquatica TTL converter for Digital Rebel ? Thanks
  2. Hi, I choose the Sigma 15mm FE to play with my 20D, the optical quality between Canon and Sigma Fisheyes is the same, the construction is quite good and Sigma is about $150,00 more cheap. It will work as 17mm in you 20D without fisheye efects. I did picts a lot this week here in Cayman using my Sigma Fisheye in a Aquatica 8" dome port with shade without any problems. I loved the results. Regards
  3. Marty, I spoke with Blake and another guys at Aquatica few weeks ago and they told me that the tests with E-TTL II circuit was finished, and now they are working to choose the better position to put it into the housing. Best Regards
  4. Great !!! I got a Quantaray backpack PRO last friday for my trip to Cayman this week and put the tupperwares to protect my rig, they fit my 8" dome and flat port very well. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi Rob, I got my old ike's dome port scratched last year, I don't know if they was so deep like your dome, but I solve the problem sending my dome to company that fix scratch in the watches. Best Regards
  6. Hi, I love the 20D performance with low light conditions, but I've got the same problem related with some lenses, Canon 100mm macro and 28-105mm with low light conditions with 20D. I sent my camera/lenses to authorized repair center and they found a problem with focus calibration, for $40,00 my lenses back to me working fine again. Regards Fabio Amorim
  7. I agree with Kasey, I was a film ikelite user and before migrate to digital (EOS20d) I had the opportunity to try a Subal and Aquatica. I really feel a better sensation/confort using these housings. The subal and Aquatica system gears and controls, IMHO, are so far better than Ikelite. The optical quality for Macro is the same, but for wide angle the 8" is wonderful. (When I did my tests, there was no aquatica 8" for ikelite) I also think a lot about the E-TTL II feature, but I spoke with Aquatica and they told me that the circuit are in final testing and working well, so we will get it available soon. If the money wasn't a problem, Subal would be my choice, but my budget was about $3000, so I'm very happy with Aquatica. Regards
  8. It was one of reasons about my decision for Aquatica to my 20D. <_< Regards
  9. I used ikelite the past two years with my film camera, I made about 200 dives without any problem. I think a lot about still with ikelite or migrate to Aquatica with my new Dslr (EOS 20D). I had no problem with my ikelite housing, but after dive with an aquatica housing I choose their product. I did feel their controls / gears more precise, smooth and easy to operate and I loved the image quality of aquatica's 8" dome port. I cannot tell you about the new digital housing from ikelite. There are a lot of people using and happy at the wetpixel forum. Best Regards B)
  10. Hi Joe, I also have some violent cities in Brazil as there are a lot of around the world. I asked about it because each city has your dangerous, but you tell me what I need to know. I will don't walk with my EOS 20D on the neck through the city.. I will just use my compact digi camera. Thank you. Fabio Amorim
  11. Hi Marli, thank you for comments about Belize.. I received a great offer to stay in Lighting house resort, I think that the most important dive sites are located near from this resort.. I'm looking for some web photo galleries to see a little bit more about undewater.. thank you. Fabio
  12. Hi, first of all, I want to thanks for the folks that sent me tips about Cayman. All tips was great. But after a lot tries with my dive buddy, we finally choose our destination, we are going to Belize in May!! I received a lot of packages quotes, with similar prices, but I want to hear some thing about Belize hotels, locations and the best sites to dive there before get one. does anyone was in Belize last 12 months ? Is a violent city ? Where stay there ? The famous blue hole dive site is really good ? Thank you. Fabio
  13. Hi folks, thank you for all sugestions, I read all and now I'm sure that cayman will delivery a great time vacation. john, I will contact you some days before my trip to get some information about wheather and dive condition. Thanks again. Fabio
  14. Hi folks, I'm planing a vacation photo trip to Grand Cayman in May. Does anyone recommend a dive operator ? how about the dive sites after the September 2004 huricane ? Thank you. Fabio
  15. Larry, try to use the Sigma or Canon 15mm Fisheye, it will give you the same wide scenes that a 18mm lens in a 35mm body without Fisheye effect. Regards Fabio Amorim
  16. I have a Canon 50mm macro and really the autofocus is not fast as USM lenses, the big issue with autofocus happens when you are taking pictures very close to subject and then try to get a closeup picture from a medium fish... When you need to change the distance between you and the fish from 0,5m up to 0,50m.. If the focus distance change just few centimeters, slow focus could not be a problem. I tried the sigma one and occurs the same about Canon, but I think canon a little bit more fast. Best Regards Fabio
  17. Jolly, could you please post an address of webpage with informations about this stuff ? Does Mathias Heinrichs has a website ? Regards Fabio
  18. Hi, I'm planing a trip to Florida in may/2005, one of my tasks will be to get some picts from manatees in Cristal River... does anybody knows the best time to dive in Cristal River ? May is good to take picts of the manatees ? Any dive operator recommendation ? Best Regards Fabio Amorim
  19. Hi John, I'm a SanDisk 1Giga UltraII happy user. This card presented a good performance bought with the others that I tested. It was more fast then lexmark 80x 1Giga... I like it. Fabio
  20. Marjo, could you post some land picts from 10-20mm or send us the internet link to see this picts ? I'm very curious about the quality of this lense... Probably this will be my next buy. Cheers Fabio Amorim ------------------------------------ EOS30 + Ikelite Housing + SB105 strobes EOS20D + waiting for housing
  21. Kasey, I don't know about, but you can email him to ask for help or to try to buy this stuff. Here is the Mauricio's email: mau_andrada@terra.com.br Cheers Fabio
  22. Quantim0, there is a brazilian guy that make it with Aquatica's D100 housing and F80. Following the link to view more information: http://www.pbase.com/mandrade/f80adapter Cheers Fabio
  23. Hi, I saw some posts speaking about the concerns to take picts with Canon 100mm or Sigma 105mm due the lenses size and weight combined with the minimal focus distance. I never used these macros lenses underwater, but is it true ? I asked about it because I am moving to digital with my new EOS20D and I will move to the new housing and will need to buy new ports. Regards Fabio ---------------------------------------------- Canon EOS ELan7 + Ikelite + Canon EF20mm + EF50mm Macro + others Canon EOS 20D + Waiting for aluminum housing
  24. Hi Doug, I got a EOS20D couple days ago and I'm planing to buy the 10-22mm, but not before see some reviews about this lense. I didn't see anyone speaking about it. Regards Fabio
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