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  1. Hi, this thread is old but i am looking for a homemade filter solution for my inon strobes. The problem: The link is offline .....!!!! Some more links ? Thanks Martin
  2. ahhhh the settings..... Canon EOS 500D - Hugyfot Housing - Canon 60mm - Inon Wetlense - F 6,3 - 1/200 SRY !
  3. Hi, this is my first picture on wetpixel. What do you think ? Thanks Martin
  4. Thia is a link to my seller.... Inon Port The magnet Port works perfect ! MwST
  5. Hi, I read that the 100mm with IS and a Kenko has big problems with the autofokus. I use Inon Magnet Fokus Ports and i am really happy. You can use the lense like out of the water. You need a adapter for the Inon ports and the Hugy and thats it. The Inon Port has also a 67mm screw thread for macro wetdiopter. MwST
  6. Hm.... I am using the 60mm Canon, a 12mm Extensionring and the Kenko 1,4 DGX. The Port Extensionring i use is a 25mm ! Canon 500D and HugyFot housing with Inon Magnet Fokus Ports. MwST
  7. Hi, I use a Canon 500D with a Hugyfot housing and i am very happy ! I like to use Inon Magnet Focus Ports and this is no problem with Hugy. MwST
  8. Hi, i asked the producer at the Photokina - Trade fair in Germany. The man told me that the different is the quality. The DGX Version has better lenses and materials. MwST
  9. I first read the thread without the pictures.... The picture looks like the same anode. Now i have no problems with the buttons or corrosion. MwST
  10. hm..... the anode is standard here. My problem was, that i forgot to put the anode between the arm and the housing. I would ask the support, why you don't have the anodes ? MwST
  11. Hi @ all, this is not a Hugy problem..... I had the same problem with my housing now I use a zinc anode between the arm on the left side and the housing. This is the link to my german seller... http://www.hydronalin.com/shop/article_HUG...29.html?pse=apq MwST
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