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  1. I have seen the debate on mechanical -v- electronic, however, having decided on either of these two housings (both have electronic controls) how reliable are these electronics? Has anyone had any experiences with the electronics on these housings that they might like to share? Ease/difficulty for a novice of navigating the options, serviceability for any issues, or cost or repair/replacement if required? At this point I don't see much of a need for all the functions that are available, but that might change with more experience and use.
  2. Kelly, thank you for the "potential" offer of a complete video rig! Although it would have been nice to benefit from your find, I'm much happier knowing that you were able to help the owner recover their loss. These things are too expensive to just lose to the deep waters. I haven't made any decisions yet. I have been out in Southern California diving this past week and haven't had much time to think about the housings. I wish I had everything together for my diving this past week though. I have thought about the size and weight issues too. Since I do plan on traveling with the video rig it will be important to cut down on the size and weight as much as possible. Just taking the dive gear alone can be a bit much sometimes with the these baggage fees airlines are pushing these days.
  3. I also am interested in the 95 degree lens and was thinking to bring it up in another discussion, but since you bring it up, does anyone have any experience with this lens from Amphibico? Is there an opinion as to whether there is enough of a difference between the L&M Fathom 90 lens and the Amphibico to make you lean toward one housing over the other? I realize there has been some discussion as to vignetting on the Fathom, but that seems to be addressed not, or so I think???
  4. Service and support are always important in my mind for any product, particularly when dealing with sensitive electronic equipment like this. So it's always good to hear about positive/negative experiences for all products compared. I agree that the price on the newTurtle is very attractive and I have given some thought to that as well. It certainly would leave quite a bit of money leftover to put into a great lighting package. My only concern is that it doesn't appear you can add on a better lens later if you choose. Unless I missed something, the housing is limited to flat port only. One of my goals with the camera is to start capturing video of some of the great wrecks we have here around the great lakes region. Because of the size of the ships, detail, and openings that are not necessarily penetrable, a wide angle lens with zoom through seems like the way to go. Leaking is a concern that I am (as most everyone is) concerned about. There are two other divers in the area here who each use other housing brands for their cameras and they have a lot of trouble with leaks and fogging. A few of the problems were due to poor quality control in the manufacturing process. They were ultimately resolved after several attempts to correct with the manufacturer, but I'd prefer to limit my experience with those things as much as possible. That is how I came to narrow down my choices to these two housings.
  5. Kelly, The internal filter and macro diopter is something to consider also in my comparison and I hadn't thought about that. Thanks for sharing that information with me. It does seem that anyone who has owned an L&M housing has been pretty happy with them, so that says a lot.
  6. I recently decided on the Sony HDR-XR550V as my camera of choice for underwater video. I arguably could still be convinced to go with a Canon camcorder, but the decision on one had to be made and I opted for a Sony. In looking for a housing for the Sony I have narrowed my choices down to either the L&M Bluefin or the Amphibico Evo HD Elite. I have searched the forum and have read many older posts on both of these housings, but I am still unsure what advantages one housing has over the other. With the exception of the obvious features (larger LCD on Amphibico, sealed electronics on the L&M housing/LCD door, access to advanced functions on the dual L&M handles), and the big difference in price (approx. $900), I was wondering if anyone could share some information that might make my selection a little easier to make? Or maybe point me in the direction of a post or review I missed in my search? I know that a good lens is key to getting the most out of a camera's performance, so would one housing be better than another for the quality of the lenses available? I don't want to get into the benefits that good lighting has at this time, although I probably should take that into consideration also as the cost and ease of adding those on later will eventually come up. I realize that personal preference and budget probably plays a big role in the decision, so please excuse my broad inquiry. I am hoping to hear more opinions so that I can make a better informed decision for myself. Thanks in advance! Robert
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