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  1. Small update, the correct address is now http://www.hamidrad.com Cheers ! H.
  2. Hey friends ! My brand new website is up & running, still in Beta version and loads more photos to come. Thoughts, comments, suggestions are welcome ! Redframe offers great hosting and templates for photographers. http://hamidradphoto.redframe.com/ Cheers, Hamid.
  3. Hey Damon! I did sell a few already, hopefully more in the future... Easier said than done, but i have good hope. Thanks a lot for the kind comment, I'm real glad you like my work, and by all means, feel free to show it around! Take it easy, H.
  4. Hey thanks guys for the comments. tdpriest, I believe the use of 'minimalism' to define my work is very subjective, and I the general idea is to have a more basic approach of UW photography, in opposition to most UW 'illustrative' work you see in magazines and such, aiming towards technically good shots, and often missing the instinctive & emotional aspect of it all. Simple is beautliful in my opinion. Your turtle shot is minimalistic only if you think it is, again it's all about subjectivity and point of view. Merry minimalistic Xmas and Happy New Year ! H. www.hamidrad.com
  5. Hey everybody, Just changed the layout and update the photos of my website, would love to have some feedback http://www.hamidrad.com Cheers, H.
  6. Thanks a lot, the loading should have improved now
  7. Hey thanks a lot, Most of the photos were taken with a Canon 600d / Nauticam housing / single z240. Some of the older photos were taken with either a G9 / Ike housing or G12 / FIX housing. I like minimalism as i think it makes UW photography much more accessible to a wider public. Please feel free to share the link ! H.
  8. Hey guys ! Just wanted to share my new (and 1st) website with y'all, trying to focus my work towards minimalism and would love to get some feedback on both the photos and the site, here's the link: http://www.hamidrad.com/ Thanks in advance & happy bubbles. H.
  9. Hey all ! Finally posting on the forums after having used them so many times and digging so much useful tips and help over time. I'm a marine biologist / instructor and have been lucky enough to see & work in some of the nicest coral reef environments in the world. I am currently between jobs and just bumming around SE Asia. A couple of weeks in Raja Ampat, another couple of weeks in Sipadan, and already considering a trip back to RA, which blew my mind for ever ! I also just finished setting up my 1st photo website which i'm posting in the 'photo galleries' forum, have a look ! Thanks for the support & best fishes !! H.
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