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  1. still have these for sale asking 950 shipped.
  2. update lowering the price to 1200 shipped in the US. also here is a video of my lights. http://vimeo.com/72861940
  3. update. i found the missing Ball Joint so both lights are complete. And to clarify. shipping is included in the price only inside the US.
  4. im selling 2 gates vl8 lights. These come with the chargers a tool to tighten the outer ring. Locline arms for a L&M bluefin housing im asking. The lights are in great condition. 1 of them was flooded but was completely replaced by gates. one of them is missing the ball joint you can see in the picture. i have more pictures if you are interested. These were originally 1000 each. I am asking 1400 shipped.
  5. which float do you have the light and motion one or the one made by Stix? Im starting to wondering if the one from stix is more bouyant. It seems bigger in its photos.
  6. i did use it in a couple of clips jsut not sure which ones. And i really wasnt sure if i was doing it right. at one point i had my wetnotes out and i would just hold them in front of lens and it would say it was white balancing but i couldnt tell if it was right or not. How far in front of the camera do you have to hold the object your white balancing off. Here is a video with a lot more of the clips from those dives. some came out super blue. and some are washed out from the lights i was using. hopefully i will figure this rig out and be able to get soem better video next time. always looking for more advice. boynton beach, fl diving
  7. Thats not good. I started out adding floats the ulcs arms i have on the housing. i tried four blocks which on the package said was equivalent to 1.6lbs of positive. it slowed the flip just a bit but didnt stop it. I bought the housing float later that day but never dove it again so i didnt get a chance to try it out. I was only testing with the standard flat port. I have the fathom 90 on the way so im pretty sure it will get a lot worse with that attached to front.
  8. was your setup particularly nose heavy? mine kept trying to flip forward on me and made it a bit difficult to control
  9. what were you doing your manual white balance against? a white slate? i have the same setup basically but its my first cam so i have a lot to learn.
  10. i posted some clips using this setup with t he gates VL-8's. it got moved to the editing,posting, and sharing forum. the lights are bright but they dont go very far at all. really dont see anything until your witin a few feet of target. didnt get a chance to try them at night.
  11. So i finally got home and had a chance to test out the L&M bluefin housing and standard flatport for the canon hf g10 and the gates vl8 lights. Here are a couple of clips i put up on vimeo. The lights were on and on full power in all of the shots. Definstely a bit of a learning curve trying to figure out what the buttons do. The housing is a bit negative. if you let go of it...it basically noses down and flips upside down and then just sinks. i tried putting some floats on the ulcs light arms but even with 4 of those it still flips over. So i just bought the L&M float for the housing, but no chance to test that out. goliath groups at about 100ft depth Green Moray at about 75 feet depth a big yellow fish at like 60 feet depth.
  12. well decided to go with the gates vl8. hopefully will have them soon and have a chance to try them out before my trip in november. would still like to see a review on them to see how they stack up to the competition.
  13. was just looking pretty hard at the gates vl8. the price seemed pretty good. But wow are they heavy. 3.1 lbs.
  14. i cant drive but i want the ferrari!!!!. sooo which light is the ferrari???? heh i was actually leaning towards the solas cause of price but i dont like the fact that you cant remove the battery. of course the removable batteries in the gates and the keldans are quite large and quite expensive. so not sure if it would be feasible to travel with an additional set anyways.
  15. i think for me it makes sense to start off on something cheaper more low end simply because if i jumped right into a high end light id have nothing to compare to. and i maybe the canon hf g10 might not be able to pick up on the subtle differences in color.
  16. im not really worried about lumens. im just wondering will there be a noticeable difference between lights like the keldans or the new gates with cheaper lights like the sola's or maybe something from nocturnal. a difference that would justify the added cost. especially considering the camera is not super high end. or would high end lights like that be lost on a newb with canon hf g10.
  17. Im planning to get a housing soon for my canon HF G10. Right now im leaning toward the L&M. But as far as the lights go is it worth getting the higher end lights like the Keldan's? Would i see much of a difference between say Sola 1200's or even 4000's and the keldan luna cri? Im trying to figure out here if its worth the difference in price?
  18. happen to know what the CRI rating is for the sola 1200 and sola 4000?
  19. i just got a canon hf g10 last week. are gates and l&m the only choices still for these. i had been looking pretty hard at the L&M but its pretty pricey and the cost for the upgraded screen being 1k seems a bit ridiculous. But the fathom 90 lens that you can use with the L&M housing seems pretty good. For the gates it seems Lens choice is limited. How does the gp32a port on the gates compare to the fathom 90 from L&M? I am under the impression it is not as good a lens. i cant find any video to compare the two either.
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