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  1. Hurray !!!! Rays of hope!! Just received a phone call from dive shop. They said L&M is going to send me a new light as replacement at no extra cost. Really exceed my expectation!! Looking forward to receiving the new light - hope it works perfectly well
  2. I bought a Sola Photo 600 in Jan 2011 in Hong Kong. Since L&M's lighting product is not popular in HK, I'd like to share my "story" here and see if anyone can give me some advice I ordered a NEW version of Sola Photo 600 from a local dive shop, emphasizing that there should be 3 levels of red LED intensity ... When I first got my light in early Jan, ONLY the RED LED could be turned on with 1 level of intensity. The white LED didn't work. Funny enough. I immediately asked dive shop staff to send it back to L&M for replacement/repair. Staff told me that it's a programming problem. L&M reloaded a new programme into the light and sent it back to me within a week or so. After re-programming, the white LED worked, BUT there was STILL 1 level of red LED intensity!!! How come?! Since I needed the light for my diving trip in late Jan, I asked the dive shop staff to tell L&M of the issue, and would send the light to L&M for replacement after I return to HK in early Feb. To my surprise, I talked to the dive shop staff this morning. They said they were still waiting for L&M's response.... How come?? No response in 2 weeks' time??!! What does that mean? Does it mean L&M would only handle its mistake once? Given the price of Sola 600, I expect a high-quality product with all functions fully tested before sales. The worst of all is, the so-called "fixed" light still does NOT work properly according to what L&M promised. Even if L&M agreed to fix my light for the second time, I still need to pay for the courier to send it all the way to USA!! It's NOT my fault, but I got punished I just wonder if I should switch back to using low-end focusing lights made locally here in HK.... they are not bright enough, they don't have red LED, but they WORK! I never need to return and repair.... Hopeless.....
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