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  1. Hi everyone, just posted a write-up and some photos: http://www.tonywublog.com/20120205/diving-...new-guinea.html
  2. Great video Eric. Looks like you guys had an epic trip!
  3. Thanks Luiz. From a quick google search, that looks right! I'll pass that on to Bob. Cheers, Tony
  4. Bob Halstead took this photo during my recent trip in Milne Bay, PNG. It appears to be a juvenile fish eating a small jellyfish. Does anyone happen to recognize this fish?
  5. Hi Luiz, No problem. Have just been getting help from a guy in Japan who seems to know a lot about gobies. It's looking like they're all Vanderhorstia species. The first one seems to resemble a goby that's spotted often in Bali, commonly referred to as a "spangled shrimp goby" (photos show up with a google search). The second might be V. lanceolata. Not too sure about that ID though. The third seems to be V. ornatissima. Cheers, Tony
  6. Are there any goby experts who might know what these gobies are? All the photos are from Kokopo (next to Rabaul) in PNG, between 7 and 10 meters depth, mucky bottom. I think the first one is a species of Vanderhorstia, but not sure. I have no idea for the other two. They are all shrimp gobies. Thanks, Tony Update: Got an ID of V. ornatissima for the third one. Looks right to me.
  7. Received a tentative ID of Synchiropus bartelsi
  8. Yeah, it's certainly a beautiful fish, whatever it is.
  9. This photo of dragonet is from a friend in Cairns. She took the photo a few years ago, in about 7 to 10 meters of water, among ruble and Acropora corals and came across another one last week. She's exhausted her supply of critter ID books, and I couldn't find this in any of mine. Anyone have an idea what species this might be?
  10. Received a helpful note from Dr Mark Norman: Looks like a squid from the family Chiroteuthidae. They are midwater squid that hang off ammonia pockets in the first pair of arms (the fatter ones) and dangle feeding tentacle lures below them. Might have been snapped up in a group or been an incidental catch. Seems a bit little to be a targeted feed for a sperm whale. Like us eating ants.
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