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  1. is this the (from nikon site) AF-S VR Micor-Nikkor 105mm f/2.86 IF-ED ? I dont see the IF-ED and didnt know if that makes it different. TIA
  2. fwiw, I put them in my check through, it wasn't worth the chance to me. the other thing I changed was, to stop worrying about the $40 additional fee for a second bag, (the first is $25 on AA). I figure if I am going somewhere nice, and I cant afford the extra $80 bucks, I probably shouldn't go. Made packing much less stressful!!
  3. or do they have to go into my check thru?? I don't know and I am getting ready to pack. The last thing I need is to check in, give them my check thru bag, try to go thru security with the arms, and then they say, Hey you can't have those things in your carry on , they have to be in check thru!! TIA
  4. thanks guys for the insight!! I'll let you know how it goes!
  5. yes I made my adjustments in Photoshop, and liked what I saw on the screen, I did not like what was printed.
  6. Can I calibrate my system?? Where would I start?? TIA
  7. I have an Epson printer, I'll check the model number, Paper? just basic 4x6 gloss at bought at wally's world. My goal is to get it looking okay, and then take it someplace to have it blown up some so I can hang and frame. Thanks okay I checked, I have an Epson photo rx595 and I used HP premium glossy photo paper, inkjet, if that helps!
  8. Thanks in Advance. I've shot some photos at Sting ray city in Cayman. I am happy with what I see on the computer screen. When I print them out, the sand is not white, it almost has a blue tint to it (but the sand is white on my computer) Is it the paper? Is there a setting on printer I need to change? Not happy at all with the output. Thoughts??
  9. I flew in December to Grand Cayman, before I checked in, I asked a TSA guy about these (I have 160's) He gave me a WTF stare, like what was I talking about. anyway I had them in my carry on, and other than the usually hassles in Charlotte, I ddint have a problem.
  10. I have an Ikelite housing for a Nikon D300. When I travel I break it down, that is I take the arms off the polycarbonate housing, so its easier to pack. My question is, can the metal arms of the housing (not the arms for the strobes) be broken down any more? Can I take the 2 handles off, and basically be left with 3 straight pieces?? TIA
  11. how much in $us? and how much is shipping to the US? thanks
  12. I am planning on shooting in some merky fresh water. Probably be 10-20' deep, with 8-10' viz at best. It is a clean up of a lake, so I know there wont be any award winning photos, but maybe a few to memorialize the event. Anyway I have a nikon d300 in an ikelite housing with twin ikelite 160 strobes. Any suggestions on camera settings? to use the strobes or not? anything else I may need to know? thanks in advance!
  13. they take with their camera for a trip? I am thinking things like 'grease', magifying glas, lint free clothe, spare 'o' rings, screw driver etc etc? thanks!
  14. sure which one, there seems to be several, old and new, auto focus,non auto focus. We will be using this underwater and what a macro lens. We have a 10-17 Tokina fisheye and what to add to the collection.
  15. Thanks for the advise guys, I took it and bought the Tokina, seems to have worked out pretty well. Next will look at perhaps a 'general' lens. My wife is actually the photo, I am just the rigger (she is the trigger) which means I get to lug this stuff around!! Can't wait to get it wet again. Maybe one day I will post some pics!!
  16. I was in a simliar situation. what I did was take a class from Cathy Church in grand Cayman. It was actually with one of her 'guys' , but it was worth every penny. He showed us how to set up the camera in the housing, how to take pics, etc We got in the water and checked everything out. worth every penny. I am sure there are other people who will do this, check with a local dive shop. We were heading to GC anyway,just took the stuff and said 'here'. Although one always worries about parts etc while on vacation, it all worked out for us. We will probably do it again next year.
  17. I am upgrading from point and shoot to DSLR, I am going with a Nikon for sure, and most likely the D300. My question is, what is the best type of general lense should I use?? should I go to fish eye?? any help, including specifice numbers is helpful. My diving is generally in Cayman, or the keys. We dive both sides of Cayman and the north wall. We like to shoot both large and small, but it seems there is less and less large to shoot, outside of people, which we like to do as well. thanks guys!
  18. I am looking for a used housing for a nikon d80 camera, if you are looking to upgrade, this may be a good way to get rid of the old. Thanks!
  19. would you go $1000 for the housing and the camera??
  20. I have an interest in this, but need to know, since you sold the port, would I have to buy one? or does it have one and the one you sold was in addtion? thanks!!
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