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    Canon 7D Mk II
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    Sea and Sea MDX-7Dmkii
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    Sea & Sea YS-D1 x2
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    L&M Sola Video 2000 x2
  1. Selling Light and Motion Blufing Housing and camera with tomes of extras Includes Housing, Tray Sony HDR-HC1 Camera , Several Batteries, External Monitor, Macro, Wide Angle and Standard Port lenses Aprrox $16,000 New a few years back (The Wide angle lense alone went for $4000) Asking $1500 Thanks Steve
  2. All the below items are in excellent condition, never flooded, well taken care of housing includes .5x original viewfinder not the 1.2x 45 pictured Selling the following Sea and Sea MDX-7d Housing $2500 Sea and Sea 240 Fisheye dome - $375 Canon 7d Body w battery and charger - $850 18-55 Lens EF-S - included w camera body 28-135 Lens USM - included w camera body 2 each - Light and Motion 1200 Spot/Flood Sola Lights w charger - $400 each / $700 for both 2 each - Light and Motion 2000 Flood Sola Lights w charger - $400 each / $700 for both .8x view finder for Sea and Sea housing - $125 please ask anything about the items need to sell quick but not desperate Thanks Steve
  3. I have tried the new 7D MkII in an 7d Sea and Sea housing as well and yes you can get certain buttons to work.. well kinda ... most you will not have access to.... so the answer is no
  4. Housing for Canon 450D Rebel XSi & 500D Rebel T1i Digital SLR Cameras Also accepts Canon Kiss Digital X2 & X3 models. Ikelite Housing #6871.50 ....... ($1400 new w/o port) W/ 6 inch dome port And Canon Rebel XSI Camera , Battery and Charger Asking $1600 or make and offer email me gascubasteve at gmail dot com
  5. Remote Monitor ($1700 Retail) Asking $1500 or best offer Wish you could shoot those shy creatures who seem to slip away just as you dive in? Simply set up the Bluefin in the water and then view and control your video housing using the Remote Monitor from a distance, a boat or the shore up to 300 feet away. With the Remote monitor you can get full control from a separate location. Shy garden eels always backing into their holes as you approach? Set up your Bluefin Housing in front of the hole, scoot back 50 feet with your Remote Monitor and shoot away. Includes: Remote Monitor (2.5" Active Matrix Screen w/ Light and Camera controls) 1 foot Cable (optional 25', 50', 100' and 300' cables available from L&M) email gascubasteve at gmail dot com for pics and details
  6. The Light & Motion 110-degree Wide-Angle port is one of the most commonly used ports as it affords a very broad field of view with a large depth of field. For example, large animals or big reef scenes can be captured with sharp focus on both near and far subjects. This wide-angle port, provides an 110° wide-angle shot without vignetting, a result of the partnership with Fathom Imaging bringing distortion-free imaging to Light & Motion Stingray and Bluefin Underwater Video. Hi-Grade Optics - Made of high-resolution BK-7 optical-grade glass Bayonet Mount - Features a "bayonet" port-to-housing attachment method that allows quick and easy port change. A simple 1/4 turn will mount or dismount a bayonet-style port. New Retails for $4200 - Asking $2750 and get a matching L&M macro port ($600 value) email gascubasteve at gmail dot com for pics and details
  7. FS: L&M Bluefin HD Housing HC1 and Sunray Lights - $3200 or make an offer Includes: L&M Bluefin Housing Sony HDR-HC1 HD 1080i Camera 2x SunRay 21-watt HID Lighting Heads and 2x Battery Pods 4x Light Batteries (10.8v) Camera Tray 2x Sony NP-QM71 Camera Batteries 3x DVC Tapes Tokina 37mm wide angle lens 2x L&M Multi-Chemistry Chargers Sony Battery Charger for Camera Also available but not included: 110 degree Super Wide Angle Lens (See This Site for Details) - $2500 L&M Macro Lens - $350 L&M Remote Monitor w/ camera and Light controls - $1400 Add 3% for any paypal transaction.... email me : gascubasteve at gmail dot com for more info and detailed pics This Light & Motion Bluefin electronic underwater housing is for the Sony HDR-HC1 high definition camcorder. The housing is constructed from industrial grade aluminum, machined and anodized with a depth rating of 330'. All primary camera controls are accessed by infrared through the housing body. This prevents the need for mechanical controls to penetrate the housing, greatly decreasing the chance of a flood. The housing has an advanced feature set that is laid out in a compact, easy to use design. The housing features many important controls including power on/off, record start/stop, double tap variable zoom control, electronic manual focus and momentary auto focus on/off. The Housing also provides access to manual white balance, iris control and the tele macro function. The Smart Grip Handles provide access to VTR playback for instant footage review. Also included is a Flip Down Color Correction Filter that provides easy transitions between ambient and artificial light. The Bluefin HDR-HC1 housing comes standard with a zoom macro port. The port has a 65° viewing angle while still providing macro ability for close-up shots. Other ports are available. The kit includes the Light & Motion Sunray-S Pro lighting kit. The battery pods are a sleek low profile slim design that integrates neatly beneath the housing. The Sunray-S Pro light uses a 21w High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp. The lamp is 2 to 3 times brighter then a halogen lamp. The color the light produces is a daylight like 5500° k Lights are extremely important for your underwater imaging system. The ocean is one big, blue filter. As you descend, the reds and oranges quickly become muted shades of blue and gray. Shining a color corrected light source on your subject will bring back your subjects natural color. Housing Rugged Construction Industrial grade aluminum, machined and anodized with stainless steel hardware with double o-ring seals that provides corrosion resistance and ideal protection in any environment Infrared Controls All primary camera controls are accessed by infrared through the housing body; This prevents the need for mechanical controls to penetrate the housing, greatly decreasing the chance of a flood Camera Controls Power on/off <li>Record start/stop <li>Double tap variable zoom control <li>Electronic manual focus <li>Momentary auto focus on/off <li>Iris control <li>Tele macro function <li>VTR playback <li>Flip filter Self Locking Rotary Latches Rotating latches are more secure and substantially easier to use than spring loaded clamps; Just rotate the latch and watch the rear plate glide smoothly into place; The latch is designed in such a way so as to draw the rear plate into the rear of the housing for a precise fit; Once engaged, the sliding lock snaps securely into place; Unlike a spring loaded mechanism, you won't accidentally bump the clamp open Included Lens System Zoom macro port, has a 65° viewing angle while still providing macro ability Sunray-S Pro Video Lights 21w High Intensity Discharge (HID) produces 1302 Lumens Wide 80° beam angle 5500° K color temperature
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