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  1. Ah, great. Thanks very much, looks like exactly what I was after, I've sent them an email.
  2. Hi all, I've been playing with slave strobes and HW RSUs, mainly in caves, and have recently got onto the gorilla tripod thing. Works great. However I was wondering if anyone has come up with or found a way to have a longer sync cord to put the slave trigger on? I'm using Sea&Sea strobes as the slaves, but have Inon 240s if necessary. I know Ikelite has longer sync cords, but that isn't of any use without Ikelite strobes. Thanks Dean
  3. So it looks like I've killed my Canon 10-22, and now I'm looking for a replacement. I had the 10-22 for years, and in general have been pretty happy with it, but I'm wondering whether anyone can offer their thoughts on whether there are better options out there now. The only thing that ever really annoyed me about the 10-22 was soft edges below f8. I'd prefer to stay with rectilinear, fisheyes annoy me. Any opinions gladly entertained, thanks, Dean.
  4. Thanks guys S&S YS90DX on these ones, with one of the Heinrichs Weikamp sensors. In the 2 diver shot the other diver had a DS 125 from memory, with whatever the Ikelite sensor is, he was using his own gear.
  5. I was recently over in Florida doing a crossover to the Optima in the caves. After a bit of practice with slave strobes back home I got in for a few dives with my camera and some patient models: Rest of the pics are here: Florida set The originals are a lot more crisp, I went a little overboard dropping the res for web.
  6. Hi all, I've started mucking around with off-camera strobes in caves (and plan to try in/on wrecks as well). I've got 2 x Z240's a YS90X duo. The current way I'm doing it is using the YS90 as the on-camera, and the Z240s as the off-cameras. It's working alright, but the need to expose the slave sensors on the bottom, just right, is very limiting. I'd like to add flexibility by using slave sensors separate to the strobes, and I THINK people have been using Heinrich's adapters for this, but have done a fair search on the net and can't find anything, so I thought I'd ask the brain's trust here a few questions: -anyone here used them in this capacity before, and if so, how did they find them? -how sensitive are they, and hence how flexible is the result going to be? Ideally I'd like to be able to tape/strap the strobe to the front or back of a diver, and have the sensor taped to the opposite without the diver having to worry about it. -any suggestions on cheap high power strobes, 2nd hand or otherwise, I could find to use as slaves? I'm happy with the Z240s as primary strobes, 90DX is fine as a backup if they die, so it'd be purely for slave use. -any alternatives people can think of? TIA Dean
  7. From a dive club point of view the whole more males than females thing has been a pet study for a while. In the OW courses we run the ratio is normally 50/50, sometimes as much as 60/40 in the girls favour in some years. The difference is retention, for various reasons: -diving is hard work a fair bit of the time, especially here in temperate waters. Females are, in general, less likely to be willing to deal with all the lifting and and pulling associated with it all. -there's the machismo thing as mentioned, boys and their toys, and the tendency to try and outdo one another on occasion. -this leads to the next one: being a male dominated sport leads to it being a male dominated sport. Women are less likely to want to be involved in a group that is male dominated -girls seem much more likely to give up diving if they find a non-diving partner. Guys will either convert their partner, or just sneak off every now and again to go for a dive. In the group of guys I do deep dives with there's an unofficial 'dive widows' group who meets regularly. Some of them dive recreationally, making it easier to find suitable holidays and similar. Yes, there are always exceptions, but of the group of 20 people (about 50/50) I was diving with 10 years ago none of the girls have dived since they found a non-diving partner, and most of the guys still dive somewhere, even if it's only occasionally. I've heard the statement 'oh, I'd never stop diving for a boyfriend' get turned around a few months later so many times it's almost laughable. On the other hand it might take a few months, but the boys normally come wandering back once things have calmed down, either given a leave pass for the weekend, or booking their new lady in for a course. Over time this leads to a lack of experienced female divers, which is sad, because they definitely make things much more interesting!
  8. Hi all, A friend has the ikelite housing for the Canon A630, and a tray from another source. The bolt holes are in good enough positions, but we're having issues with find bolts to fit into the threads in the bottom of the housing. We've been to the store here that has the biggest range of threads around, to no avail, other than an educated guess that it's an american thread (thanks for that!). Anyone here have any experience in this realm? TIA Dean
  9. Huh, I see what you mean. Maybe they're the only ones being honest, or maybe it's just them being conservative. A little ironic, no?
  10. My understanding of it is that a lot of it depends on what you define as reverse profiles, and whether or not you can transfer the results from the guinea pig experiment to human research. A few quotes from Dr Simon Mitchell on the research methods: and I apologise, I mispoke, I should have said that in 1999 the Smithsonian Institute held a workshop on RDPs which produced the following statement "we find no reason for the diving communities to prohibit RDPs within the the no-decompression limits for dives less than 40 metres and with depth differentials less than 12 metres". To my relatively limited knowledge, no studies using human data has refuted this, but frankly I'm happy to bow to anyone with more knowledge than I. As far as I'm concerned whether or not a dive is a reverse profile or not pales into insignificance compared to an algorithm that doesn't even acknowledge that repetitive dives past 27m are performed by recreational divers! To simply say 'oh, well that's alright because we never do reverse profiles anyway' is a little short sighted I would have thought?
  11. See, to me that sounds pretty scary! So basically if I do a dive to 40m, no deco, and then one to 30m, the computer is basically untested?? The most recent studies have shown that the whole reverse profile thing being bad is bunk, and has no significant effect on your chances of DCI. My concern is not that oceanic are liberal, but that people buy the computers not knowing facts like these. I agree that liberal computer that you can increase the conservatism on is better than a primarily conservative one, but most of the time the only that's going to prompt someone to go more conservative is if they or a friend gets a bend or a niggle, and by then it could be too late. If the computer isn't even tested for repetive dives beyond 27m, how conservative do you need to be?
  12. Has Oceanic modified their deco model yet, or is it still in 'ultra-bendy mode'? The Oceanic's of about 2 years ago were well known for being ridiculously liberal with their NDL's compared to just about everyone else. Something else to considering when buying a computer...
  13. Hi all, I came to the conclusion that I'm probably going to have to get a full face mask for safety reasons if I want to continue down the current route of diving, so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them and using them with DSLR housings? any experiences/opinions much appreciated cheers Dean
  14. Umm, wouldn't that be independent of the fins you use though, and therefore having a faster fins would be beneficial in offsetting the drag?
  15. Depends on what you want to do I guess, but I wouldn't be taking a set of split fins into a cave or a wreck. If you want straight line speed, why not go for a set of freediving fins? I've dived with a few people using them for 'normal' diving, and in open water they're very impressive!
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