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  1. Sell Nikon 16 mm f2.8 Fisheye, like new real deal, complete with box and accessories. Price 400 Euro
  2. Subtronic Mega Color is sold!! Remains 1 Subtronic Mega for 500 euro+shipping
  3. I sell my two beautiful and very powerful Subtronic flash !! 1 mega and 1 mega color with possibility to adjust the color temperature. 350 w / sec guide number 37 !!! 116° light coverage !!! very powerful !!! new batteries, neutral in water, the most powerful ever produced, pilot lamp, and circular strobe lamp !!! Very coveted for the speleosub because very strong body in aluminum! get angry before i think back !!!😄 price for all 1000 euro+shipping http://wetpixel.com/forums/uploads/monthly_08_2012/post-23022-0-98842400-1346365013.jpg
  4. Inon microwide lens,like new, € 500 + shipping. Isotecnic Port for ulf-mr130 like new, € 250 + shipping For all 700 € + shipping.
  5. Inon ulf-mr130 microwide lens for nikon and canon Catania, Italy Inon microwide lens,like new, 500 euro+ shipping. Inon microwide lens, come nuova,500 euro +spese di spedizione. isotecnic Port for ulf-mr130 like new, € 250 + shipping Oblò isotecnic specifico per ulf-mr130 come nuovo, € 250 +spedizione
  6. Hello, how much shipping to Italy?Thanks
  7. For sale micro semifisheye inon ufl-mr130 lens for Canon efs60 and Nikon 60mm macro, complete with door for Isotta underwater housing. Vendo lente micro semifisheye inon ufl-mr130 per 60 mm macro Canon e 60 mm micro Nikon,completa di oblò per custodie Isotta.
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