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  1. The case did not meet the reserve (which I did lower slightly), I am not sure yet whether I will re-list the item but it is still up for sale and I will consider serious/reasonable offers. I am also happy to take a paypal payment for goods, rather than a gift, which affords the buyer some protection. I will only send it special delivery so it is fully insured. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Jody
  2. Rather than repeat all the info here I thought I would direct to the Ebay listing that I placed yesterday: My Ebay Listing The reason for sale in explained in the listing. Needless to say, due to extortionate Ebay fees I would much rather sell it off Ebay and have also explained this in my listing. I paid £225 for the case itself and another £20 for the new O ring and grease. The reserve is set at £200 on Ebay and ideally I am looking at close to this figure but might be willing to negotiate if someone outside of Ebay wishes to buy it. Please do feel free to ask any questions etc.
  3. Thanks guys. I took delivery of my Ikelite housing just before Xmas and my S95 turned up a few days ago so I am very happy. Am booked in for a one day course with Maria Munn in March and will be making my first trip abroad with the new set up to Kenya at the end of March where I'll do some diving in the Watamu Marine Reserve then am back to the Maldives at end of June so hopefully I will get much more practice next year
  4. Thanks Karel & Gordon. These were taken diving but I've only done 20 dives to date so am still getting the hang of everything. This was also my first time using a manual setting on my camera rather than the manufacturer underwater mode and I came away with more usable than 'to delete' pictures so in that sense it was successful. Thanks for the info on local clubs Gordon, I am definitely planning on doing a couse with Maria in the new year (possibly after Kenya but before the Maldives so I have more dive experience) and am already saving for a new set up. One of my main issues is, because I am still a new diver, I tend to have to dive in small buddy groups with other divers, rather than having my own buddy who is happy to just bob around with me while I position myself for a perfect picture (my boyfriend unfortunately doesn't dive). I am sure that may change as I get more dives under my belt and I am intending to get more involved with my local dive club next year. I really love being under the water and am looking forward to hopefully getting some better pics next year!
  5. Hi all, I registered absolutely ages ago before I went out to the Maldives to get some advice on my existing camera set up that I was considering upgrading/adding to. In the end I decided to stick with my old Fuji F100fd until I had more diving experience and I bought a Panasonic FT2 just for snorkeling instead. This was all back in May but this is my first time making it back to the forum, apologies. Before going, I read a really good book about using point & shoots underwater and it really helped. I thought I would share a couple of my favourite pics here with you, they have only been basic colour edited in Picasa (the free version!), I have absolutely no idea how to do anything more technical than that......yet. I know that in the deep realms of underwater photography these are very amatuer but they are hundreds of miles better than the ones I took in Egypt last year so I am fairly happy. Fortunately, I have two trips to look forward to next year - Kenya and a return to the Maldives. I will be ditching the Fuji for next year so will be spending much more time on the forum while I make my decision
  6. Still for sale and am open to a reasonable offer
  7. I bought this lens around 10 days ago (from a world famous auction site) when I first thought about upgrading my camera, my thread can be found in the beginners forum. Unfortunately, it seems that the lens is not particularly suitable for my current camera. I have now decided to sell on the lens and move more into macro photogrpahy until such time I can buy a completely new set up. It comes with instructions, pouch, box and covers although the smaller cover that goes over the threaded end is split. The lens itself is in great condition with no visible scratches. I have not had the chance to try it out as I would need to buy an adapter for my camera which I have not yet done. I am only asking for what I paid for the lens - £100 plus shipping (I will only send Special Delivery/tracked due to item value). I am happy to take pictures or link you to the original auction and/or my seller account for reassurance. I would prefer to ship inside the UK/Europe but do contact me if you are outside these areas so I can check shipping. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Jody
  8. Well I thought I would come in and update! On Sunday I passed my PADI exam with 98% and managed to pass confined water 4 & 5 in about 20 minutes, I did all skills first time round so I was very pleased . They also let me have a tank and just swim around on my own (I hasten to add it was in a pool with plenty of other staff around) and it was really nice to have that time to myself just to relax and practice with my buoyancy etc. I am going back to the pool next month to do some basic navigation work and re-do some skills to make sure I am happy before my holiday. I've had an otherwise expensive month, car needing work etc so 'tog equipment has taken a back burner. I have put the Epoque lens up for sale because I wont get the best out of it with my camera and I would like to use the money towards buying my Panasonic FT2 as I will get more use from that while snorkeling than I will a proper rig whilst diving. I still want to get into the macro side of photography but I have to be realistic - it may not be in time for this trip, that's ok though as it's just a very good reason to go back . Thanks to everyone for their input, it certainly wasn't a waste and I will still be sticking around. Hopefully I'll be able to share some pictures with you when I get back! Jody
  9. Hi Moose, only just seen your reply - I must have been replying at the same time and missed it! I am pleased you consider the fantasea adapter to be pretty decent, I don't mind using a little zoom or crop to get past the vignette if it's not too bad, after all, I expect my first few shots will be blinking awful anyway I'm really trying to keep the equipment to a minimum for weight and bulk purposes, will see how I get on this coming Sunday in the pool again. Had no probs using the camera in Egypt last year and I kept being told I was TOO careful in regards to the reef, I was always way above it. I keep reef fish at home so protection of the marine environment is paramount for me. I am hoping that even in the shallower water there will be some nice outcrops where I can rest on the sand to get a nice shot! Do I need a diffuser if using a strobe or is it just the internal flash? Me thinks some home bath tub testing is in order! Sounds like a really good way to get it set up, I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to always run the camera at -.05/-1 EV if using a strobe, I'm half guessing that it would be easier to lighten a picture in post editing rather than trying to darken one but I could be wrong? I don't have any set days of diving planned out there yet, I've agreed to do my 2 OW qualifiers and at least another five, I will make sure I take the rig out snorkeling as well so I get used to the feel of it in the water as I am anticipating more bouyancy in the sea over a pool. Safety will always be my ultimate prority, if at any point I feel unhappy trying to dive and shoot then I will just clip the camera somewhere with something (that part needs more thought) and forget about it.
  10. You were right, I was looking at completely the wrong section on the UK site! Thanks very much for your help Dave, I don't think I have got to this decision without your input and I really appreciate it My Epoque Wide Angle has just arrived in the post, very good condition and I am really pleased given the price I paid. I am going to order the adapter for my housing today as well and take some test pictures to see how bad the vignette is, if it's not too savage then I don't mind doing a little picture crop. If it is horrific then I will have to sell up and put the money towards the macro lens but we will see. I might even post some pictures . I have my eye on a strobe kit, it's the Fuji Remora strobe set up and comes with the fibre optic cable. It would (only) work out about £80 dearer than the basic fuji/fantasea set up once I factor in buying the cable but it has adjustable power output, not the greatest of beam angles but maybe the best 'budget' option for my needs? Fuji Remora Strobe
  11. I am glad my ramblings made some sense! Thanks for the offer of the filter, that's very kind of you, once I have worked out exactly where I am going with it all I might take you up on that . I woke up with a MUCH clearer head today (sort of) and decided the following; 1) I am sticking with my Fuji.......for now 2) I am going to buy a Macro lens.......may have to be an Epoque as on checking out the Inon's, it would mean getting a further adaptor as they are bayonet mount, not threaded, ergo I would have to get the adapter for the Fuji to take 67mm threads and then get a further adapter, makes it kinda expensive. 3) I am >50% likely to get some sort of strobe kit. It may only be a little compact one for macro shots but if I can get the half price Fuji one then it's quite possible I can sell it after my trip and not lose any money. 4) I am going to practice, practice and practice some more. I am currently PADI Scuba Diver and am doing the remaining confined water training to upgrade to open water this weekend (I am doing my 2 further qualifying dives in the Maldives), I might see if the club has a pool sesson late April/early May so I can practice using the set up underwater while I am all kitted up, would give me a chance to practice with my buoyancy Shasta Man, thanks for your input, I certainly wont be spending my underwater time stressing about the perfect shot, if it doesn't happen then so be it, at least I will get to see it first hand!
  12. That was really what I needed to hear so thank you. I think I have become so overwhelmed with choices/lenses/strobes etc that I can feel myself getting bewildered and to the point of saying bugger it, I'll just keep the camera as it is and save the money! The Ixus on the face of it seems fine, then I realised it's a 46mm thread so I would have to buy an adapter to use my Epoque lens and that's without stumping up the extra for the set up to start with. It's money that, as you say, could be put towards something more beneficial and long lasting, both for now and in the future. I am already certain, that with my new knowledge of features that my pictures will be a big improvement on my last set which is a really good start. It's my birthday in a few weeks so I am hoping that my (lovely) family will contribute towards my camera fund which will help, I'm more than happy to buy used equipment so I will frequent the forums and ebay to see what comes up in terms of strobes and lenses, I would much rather spend my whole budget on one item that will be good than buy lots of 'ok' items - does that make sense?? I am also more than happy to pick up used goods so I'm going to keep my eyes open on Ebay etc for the time being, I have 11 weeks until I go so plenty of time to accumulate kit! I have decided that I am definately going to get an FT2 as well, purely for the video and it being my 'back up' camera, I am hoping that the release of the FT3 in 2 weeks time will drop the price a little.
  13. hmmmmm, just had a long chat with Cameras Underwater, it would seem that the Epoque lens may not work with my housing, I'll probably get vigniette-ing? I can go for a 67mm macro lens though which is the good news! Their advice was to maybe consider selling the Fuji and purchasing an Ixus 105 instead. I would then be able to use the Epoque lens, I can't remember whether it was suitable for macro or not! Now I am in more of a quandry than when I started! Big part of me still things macro with a strobe is the way to go confused.com
  14. Thanks for your input Tim. I really hope we see some Manta, or even a whale shark The Inon strobes were the first thing I looked at but I have to admit that the price is considerably more than I want to pay. I don't want to sound tight at all, afterall good equipment is necessary but I am only ever going to be a holiday diver so it's not going to get a good ratio in my cost to use caluclations! I concur with the swapping money with Cameras Underwater, have already sent them an email! Seems like the YS will be a good piece of kit and I look forward to seeing the pics with it. I've been scouring Ebay for a used strobe but they come up few and far between, obviously I still want a macro lens and need to get the eyedapter.....so I need to purchase wisely. Thanks for the info on the Kood too, I had seen them but didn't realise that they did U/W ones as well, for £30 it's def worth a trial I reckon. I am sure the nano flash was mentioned a bit in the book too, I have to remember that I am still a novice and a lot of this will be trial and error but whatever shots I end up with, I am sure they will be considerably better than my last set!
  15. Unfortunately I can't post links yet but I have just found an entry level fantasea strobe rebadged as a Fuji underwater strobe (it's the fantasea nano flash), this could be good news as I know someone who works for Fuji and can normally get the products half price so it would cost me around £75. Even for an entry level strobe I guess this would be a good addition and I would be silly not to for that price?
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