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  1. WTB Subsee 10+ and ikelite modular adaptor ring.
  2. I have Flat modular and the standard acryl. Do YOu have any?
  3. Hi, I have both. Do You have any? Thnaks, Daniel
  4. WTB subsee 10+ magnifier and ikelite adapter.
  5. Thanks Cedric! Geko Dive Bali is the best in Padang Bai and also in Bali! Frendly, helpful stuff!
  6. Hi everyone, I just returned from Indonesia. I was in Bali Tulamben and in a Komodo safari on Mermaid II. The trip was beautyful, I would like to show some pics about it. more pics: http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream 1 by ceckaa, on Flickr 2 by ceckaa, on Flickr 8 by ceckaa, on Flickr 20 by ceckaa, on Flickr 19 by ceckaa, on Flickr 16 by ceckaa, on Flickr 5 by ceckaa, on Flickr IMG_3066 by ceckaa, on Flickr IMG_3103 by ceckaa, on Flickr
  7. WTB Fisheye or sola or laluz fokus light. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks, Daniel
  8. ceckaa

    WTB Focus Light

    Hi! Do You know the weight? I would like to calculate the shipping. Please also let me know the age of the stuff. Thanks
  9. Hi, I would like to buy a Focus Light (f.e.: Fisheye, light and motion...) Anything for sale? Thanks
  10. Hi! Yes air asia is realy the best solution in the region. Can You write a few details about this "ferry-tour"? I am just a little bit afraid of the distance between Bali and Komodo. Maybe liveaboard what starts from Bali miss some "must see " dive spot, because of the rush. Anybody have some experiense about dive safari like this? Thanks!
  11. Hi all! I need some help. I am just planning a dive trip to Komodo or Raja Ampat. Anyone can help me witch one is better for manta whale shark? And witch period is the best? I also interested in cheapest way to fly there.(from Europe) Many thanks!!
  12. Hi! I am just new in UW photography, and I would like to show some pictures from my first Photo-Dive safari. If anybody see something bed, please do not hesitate to write it down. I would like to learn and be better!:) pictures here
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