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  1. Thank you Autopsea. Regarding post processing, your version definitely gives better contrast. I'll play some more with the original RAW image in Lightroom and PS. Regarding in camera WB setting, I read in Martin Edge's book that he takes an UW shot of a white or grey scuba tank or his palm or some other standard to help with white balance. I presume he uses automatic white balance. Shooting RAW, is Automatic WB the best setting, if the UW subject is strobe illuminated - or should the setting be otherwise ? Thanks for any thoughts on this matter.
  2. Love to get some feedback on this image, particularly color issues. Still new at UW photography and practicing for an upcoming trip to Bonaire. Taken in a rock quarry in North Carolina at only about 7 feet deep. The water was very green - lots of algae covering submerged tree branches. Canon S95 ISO400 1/250 6 mm; no strobe (sent to factory for repair). I know from a former post I used too high an ISO. I'll have to concentrate on avoiding that habit. Processed primarily in LIghtroom with some cloning out of particulate matter in CS5. Not sure how to improve on the green cast. Thanks for any comments/constructive_criticism.
  3. Thanks. I actually have the book, and on rereading an early section on white balance last night, I noticed the author recommends taking a (depth dependent) initial shot of the palm of the hand to assist in white balance adjustment of RAW files in Lightroom. Great idea. I also noticed a section on applying HDR software to UW images, and I shall try that on this image to see if I can get some more detail in the darkened reef areas.
  4. Thanks for the information. I wondered why ISO 200 is recommended for UW shots with this camera. (I had thought I would get more aperture flexibility at ISO 400, but I will divest of this notion.) With regards to white balance, above water I usually use automatic white balance setting, in camera, and eyeball the white balance adjustment in Lightroom. I am, however, so new to underground scenery that I have a lot of trouble with identifying appropriate white balance adjustment. Any tips ??
  5. Hi Folks, I am an above water nature photography hobbyist, new to UW photography - just getting my bearings and thoroughly enjoying the challenge. The attached image was a "grab shot" taken (while shooting smaller critters at my level), when I noticed the Ray gliding into the scene above me. My camera (Canon S95 P&S ISO 400 F8.0 1/200) was set for good exposure of blue water background, but not while shooting towards the sun. I liked the composition except for the blown out area, and the image does include a relatively unsuccessful attempt to do a selective exposure reduction in PS. Do y'all avoid such shots or do you have a strategy for shooting towards the sun ? I thank you for any ideas you may have for improving the image.
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