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  1. Is there any retrofit for the D200 housing?
  2. Has anyone gotten any information on whether Subal has modified the back on the housing for the D200 to fit the D300S? I've heard they might have a back that fits, but no new info
  3. I hate to say this, but anyone who has read the posts here knows that traveling through San Juan is a big risk. Dive and camera equipment get stolen here on a regular basis. Shame on AA, shame on the TSA, and shame on us for continuing to fly through either Miami or San Juan with anything of value checked. If I visit Bonaire, and I love it, Continental is the only flight I'd take. Problem is, they don't fly full time. If divers stopped going, I'll bet someone might do something about the problem. It's a heck of a lot bigger than anyone admits, and it's been going on for YEARS.
  4. As anyone who has read posts here, you can't expect to go through San Juan on AA without expecting gear to be stolen. It's been going on for years and no one has been able to stop it. Shame on the airlines, shame on the TSA, and shame on us for flying through San Juan or Miami.
  5. Brand new, never used Amphibico EVO Buddy housing with built in monitor and 2 Amphibico lights with re-chargeable batteries. Housing is for the Sony HVR-A1U, however I was told by Amphibico it can be used with the Sony HC7 and HC9 as well. This has never been in the water. List price for housing and lights was over $3500. Will sell set for $2800. Email me at JDJ100@mac.com for more information.
  6. I am selling a Gates housing that was just serviced by Gates and is still under warranty. Includes the Sony 3 chip PDX-10, wide angle lens, extra o-rings, extra cassettes and pelican case. I will pay shipping and insurance. Priced to sell at $2500 E-mail me at: JJDIVER@GMAIL.COM
  7. I have a Titan Light and Motion housing for the Nikon D-100 for sale. This includes the following: housing with two sync cord bulkheads Nikon D-100 camera body Flat Port Dome Port Extension rings for 60mm, 105mm, and 12-24mm zoom lenses Focus gears for 60mm and 105 mm macro lenses Zoom gear for 12 - 24 mm wide angle Field repair kit unused ($500 cost new) Extra set of O-rings All covers for ports and housing. The ports are spotless, no scratches or nicks. housing has a few chips of paint missing. Never a drop of water inside the housing. Camera is in Excellent condition. Like new. Total cost $2500, and I will pay shipping and insurance in the continental US.
  8. Steve, I have a Titan wiht dome and flat port, extension rings for 60mm, 105mmand 12-24 zoom. Field kit, D-100 body, and focus gear kits for 60mm and 105mmm. Also gear for zoom 12-24. Asking $2500
  9. jungjohann

    Nikonos V

    Used Nikonos V for sale. Excellent condition. $550. Email at jjdiver@gmail.com
  10. I have the L&M wiht two Sea and Sea 125's. I'm thinking that there shouldn't be a problem
  11. Has anyone ever experienced any problems with a suunto d9 while using the digital housings with strobes. I just purchased the D9 and while diving in the Galapagos the computer gave errant readings. Suunto says its an inherent problem with magnetic impulses and the computer is fine. I say BS, for $1800 the computer should work regardless of whether I'm using strobes or not. Nothing in their literature stating otherwise. Anyone have any similar experience?
  12. Does anyone have any experience or advice for the choice of lens ports for the D1000 using the light and motion housing? I'm specifically looking at the difference between sea and sea and the light and motion ports. I have a 60 mm macro, and a 12-24 mm Nikon. Any help would be appreciated.
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