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  1. Hello Buyers, I have 2 Sea & Sea YS-250 in excellent condition for sale. I have a new system and no longer use them. They are in perfect condition, functioning like new and have been maintained meticulously. The YS-250 PRO is lightning fast: it recycles in one second. The high capacity Ni-MH battery is designed exclusively for the strobe. It stores enough power when fully charged for 300 full flashes. Price: they cost $1099. each new, and I am selling them for $1599. with extras via Pay Pal. Free shipping in the use. Package includes: Underwater strobe and flash head. Two custom diffusers, silicone grease, rechargeable battery pack for each with battery chargers included I also am including 2 extra Re-chargeable Sea & Sea battery packs made for the YS-250 (same as the one it came with) New each are worth $110. You would get two included. If want to see pictures, or would like further information, please contact me at splash4us@yahoo.com or call me at 415-456-8468. Thanks for checking out my ad.
  2. Hello Folks, I will be shooting Beluga whales in Churchill Canada and have had a couple of suggestions as to the best lens for the job. It seems to be the 10-17mm with my system (Nikon D2x in a Nexus Housing) and just wanted to know if anyone out there has used this setup for these animals or similar animals and what you think. Your suggestions,feedback, comments are welcome. Thanks.
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