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  1. Hi, I'm selling my Ikelite Underwater housing for Canon EOS40/50D (6870.50) and boxed Canon EOS 40D camera with canon 28-80mm lens. I am upgrading my underwater kit for the 5D, this was my spare kit and the underwater housing has only been used a few times in swimming pools and is in perfect condition. Housing contains standard dome stalk (supplied with new kits) and Zoom Sleeve 0073. The small rubber cap is missing from the top of one of the handles on the arm tray but you don't need this. I am selling the housing but no dome shade. Camera is a used Canon EOS 40D with 28-80mm lens, lens has 58mm Hoya skylight and has always been covered. Camera is boxed in original packaging with charger and battery. In good working order. It would be a great starter kit. I would like to see £800 but you are welcome to make an offer.
  2. Hi all Thanks very much. It all makes a lot of sense. The pools I am using are indoor pools so really don't have a lot of ambient light, It makes sense that TTL is not working on my wide angles as if i pull in to a closer shot I get better results. My settings are usually ISO 200, F4, shutter speed at 125 (fastest sync whith strobe). Strobe on TTL. Am in a pool tomorrow, will start again with ISO at 100, F8 and shutter at 125, will put strobes on manual, facing away from subject (I have read the Martin Edge book! and adjust camera settings to get an accurate exposure. I was worried that my TTL was not working properly, I am very reassured by your advice and will let you know how I go. Thanks again. B
  3. Hiya I am relatively new to underwater photography and am experimenting in swimming pools with friends so I don't have much natural light. I am using two strobes, Ikelite Ds 125 and a 161 attached by TTL with a dual strobe connector. I am getting blooming over exposure problems with my subjects and an unbalanced photograph. I have my metering set to centre weighted average metering and wondered whether this might be one of the problems? If I had it set to centre weighted metering when my subject comes into frame it would be more accurately exposed? Another theory that I have is that my strobes are positioned direct at the subject? I am thinking that the low light and the large amount of surrounding water (wide angle of lens) and my small subjects in comparison; is making it difficult for TTL to function correctly? any advise would be appreciated, I have some pooltime next week to experiment! Thanks B
  4. I have a 40D and use an Ikelite Housing. I have never used another housing so don't know how it compares but I find it great although changing settings underwater is a bit tricky...maybe it is on all housings though! I have also had a problem with the eye viewfinder becoming fogged and it needed replacing. Not sure really how this happened.
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