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  1. Hello Underwater Photographers, My name is Lindsay and I'm new to this website and looking for some advice on upgrading my camera equipment. I'm a little bit different from some of the other newbies, in that I am not new to the acts of underwater photography or diving, and I feel I'm pretty good at them, but I don't know a lot about cameras or photography lingo. I've been diving 12 years (now a PADI Divemaster), and I've recently completed my Masters in Marine Biology. I'm currently applying to PhD positions in the same field. About four years ago I bought a SeaLife DC600 and strobe, and have really gotten my money's worth out of them, as they've been snorkeling and on hundreds of dives in the Caymans, Virgin Islands, the Red Sea, Galapagos, and elsewhere. I've really learned how to use the camera, but I feel like I've maxed out with it, and just want something newer and better (particularly more megapixels). So here's where I need the advice: my husband and I have two Panasonic cameras (DMC-FZ28 and DMC-TZ5), and I want to know if I should get the housing for either of those, get the new SeaLife (though I am a little tired of SeaLife and am looking for something a little fancier), or get something else entirely, which I am willing to do. I see a lot of posts, especially in this thread, about Canons and Nikons, but not many about Panasonics, so this is why I'm curious if either of the two Panasonics I have would be good. The little bit I have seen about Panasonics suggests they might be a little more prone to flooding than other cameras; I insure my gear, but I've never flooded a camera and would like to avoid it at all costs. Other points: as I mostly do research diving, I'm looking for a good balance of camera quality yet smaller size; I often have other gear (clipboards, nets, measuring tape, bags of stuff, etc.) that I'm diving with, so a really large camera set-up would probably not be good. Also, I'm usually working pretty close to the reef, so I tend to notice and take pictures of small things, and would like a camera that does close-ups well. If you suggest something new entirely, what would that be? Of course I would like a good deal, but I'm not feeling stingy about this, as I dive regularly and expect to get a lot of use out of my camera, so I'm willing to spend accordingly. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Lindsay P.S. If you're interested in any of my photos, I have a photos section on my personal website: http://www.wix.com/lindsayhuebner/lindsayhuebner
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