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  1. Yes Nikon mount Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  2. AS NEW, used only one time... 385USD
  3. As new, used only to store my housing, lenses and strobes... Everything in only one roller bag. 265USD
  4. Hi Keith, - the lens is still available, sure - the are NO scratches, i'm very carefull with my babies... sometimes too much (says my wife ajajjaja). Moreover i used it only 2 times. - NO discoloring, NO cranks. - i'm the original and the only owner If you wish, we can arrange a skype call and i can show it to you or i can shoot some pictures, closest as possible to the lens. For more infos, please write me a PM. Take care and dive safe.
  5. 1600 shots Excelent conditions 700USD
  6. Nikon D300s body (more or less 1600 shots) Nikon micro 60mm Tokina fish eye lens 10-17 SUBAL ND300s Housing with GS180 viewfinder included Zen Underwater DP100 - 100mm Fisheye Dome Port for Subal type 4Reefnet SubSee Magnifier +10 Diopter SAGA 67mm flip lens adapter for Subal standard port ULCS DB-05 5\" Double ball arm ULCS DB-08 8\" Double ball arm ULCS AC-CSF Clamps new style w/15 lateral movement SUBAL FP-75/4 Flat Port I can show you each part via Skype call. MAKE ME AN OFFER VIA PM.
  7. I'll be in Miami on 18th of this month, if you are interested let me know...
  8. I'll be in Miami on 18th of this month, if you are interested let me know...
  9. Yes Keith, write me please an inbox message and we can check it out.
  10. Where are you exactly? I can send from Miami. If you want we can check out the price and arrange something.
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