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  1. Hi, I apparently wrote the ad incorrectly as I'm asking $450ea or best offer. The strobes were only used once so they're like new. Shipping anywhere in the US free. pictures are attached to a new post I made on June 2nd. or I'm happy to send them via email if you contact me. pixelfishphotos@gmail.com Thanks.
  2. Hello, You may see replies to other posts which have answered your question by now but here goes. I have two S&S YS110a strobes and am asking $450 ea or best offer. I'll ship anywhere in the US for free. I tried to edit the original post with no luck so there is a new posting with pictures of the strobes created on June 2nd. I'm happy to send pictures via email as well. contact me at pixelfishphotos@gmail.com Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi, sorry if the topic of the ad wasn't clear. I have two S&S YS110a strobes like-new for sale. I decided to keep my 120s and no sense in having these sit around. I'm asking $450 or best offer. If you're intersted, please email me at pixelfishphotos@gmail.com Thank you.
  4. Hello Andy, I have two strobes, you can see the pictures attached to a newer post from this weekend. I'm asking $450 or best offer. Shipping in the US for free. If you're still interested, please email me at pixelfishphotos@gmail.com Thank you.
  5. Once again, please stop posting derogatory messages toward me and/or the post for my strobes. I travel often and am not always at the computer to manage this as quickly as people would like. It doesn't make me a flake. I have two like-new strobes for sale if anyone is interested. I'm happy to send pictures now that I have taken them, feel free to email me. pixelfishphotos@gmail.com Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm not sure who you're speaking with but warning people away from my post because I have trouble using this forum, isn't fair. You can see the pictures posted online now under a new topic - and if you send me your personal email address, I'll gladly send you pictures of the strobes. While I do not have "seller" ratings that you speak of, I do have very credible friends in the dive industry that will vouch for me. You are welcome to email me at pixelfishphotos@gmail.com Thanks.
  7. I have two S&S YS110a strobes for sale. Used on one trip, like new condition. $450 each OBO (includes shipping anywhere in the US). Sorry this is a duplicate ad but I don't know how to delete or edit the previous post. If you're interested you can also email me at pixelfishphotos@gmail.com
  8. Strobes used on one dive, comes with box, orings and defusers. Asking $500 or best offer.
  9. Hi, the system is still available. email me at pixelfishphotos@gmail.com for more information. Thanks
  10. S&S 40D housing, macro port, dome port w/shade, front & back covers for all. TTL converter with this system also available. Please email me at pixelfishphots@gmail.com if you're interested. I have pictures of the system but not sure how to add those here.
  11. I am not having any luck replying to your message. The system says I can't send another PM until 3/15 ??
  12. Sea & Sea 40D/50D housing for sale. System like new, used on one trip. Accessories, both ports, all covers, TTL Converter, and additional o-rings for all. Price can be negotiated if you're interested. email me.
  13. I have a S&S system for sale, only used on one trip. Do you need ports, TTL converter, etc. ? Contact me for more information. I sent you an email.
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