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  1. I'm curious if anyone out there has been mounting any of the quality HD Video capable dSLR cameras on top of a scooter. Any comments on quality of the footage??
  2. FX-1 Sold Amphibico FXZ1 (fits FX1 or Z1U) housing still for sale, Lights still for sale, monitor still for sale - open to reasonable offers.
  3. ANOTHER Price drop - still for sale, must go: FX1 + $1000 FX1+Phenom $3700 Light & Motion Sunray 2000 - $1500 Whole package on the first post $6500
  4. Yes I'm starting to think I might stick with Canon - this is one is work related so I may just get another T2i or a 7D.... Which lenses are you guys finding best for underwater video? I was thinking of getting the Tokina 10-17 for wide-angle and 60mm for macro... pretty standard for stills. Also trying to figure out what strobe/light setup would work best (and stay compact). The Sola 1200s look great, but that would mean having separate lights for video and stills - other option are the Ikelite strobes that also have video lights, but from what I've seen they produce bad hotspots in video mode... Really just trying to build the most versatile setup for shooting both high quality video and stills... It was late... ;-) Thank you for your advice... Is it true that the 7d will outperform the 5d2 for low light video? If that is the case I may be sold on the 7d instead of 5d2... or just stick with my 550/T2i
  5. Price drop, I'll take $300 off the FX1, $350 off the Camera/Housing package - or $700 off the full package - also $200 off the light package. FX1 + $1200 FX1+Phenom $4000 Light & Motion Sunray 2000 - $1800 Whole package on the first post $7000 Also inlcuded are unopened miniDV cassettes and a few other accessories.
  6. So I'm looking to build my next underwater photo/video setup. I currently shoot a Canon T2i dry and do not already own a bunch of lenses so I'm not "stuck" with Canon. I'm looking for the most versatile camera for both photo and video. Considering the following: Nikon D7000 Canon 7D Mark II Canon 5D Mark II Canon Rebel EOS T2i or painfully wait for the Canon 5D Mark III I have to say the though of video autofocus on the D7000 is very attractive... For housings I'm thinking Subal or Aquatica.
  7. All for sale as a package or individually - ALL ONLY USED ONCE! Amphibico Phenom Housing - $3000 (originally $7950) Amphibico 4.3" 16:9 High Definition LCD Monitor - $1300 (originally $2025) Light & Motion Sunray 2000 video light system + battery pack + light adapter $2000 (originally $4100) Sony HDR-FX1 $1500 (originally $3199) Wheeled Pelican Case for either $250 (orginally $348) I would prefer to sell the whole package - or at least the Camera & Housing. I will sell the Camera and Housing for $4350 or the whole package for $7700. I have all original receipts and the package originally totaled $17,354.26. The whole rig was only brought in the water once, aside from the lights which have had a bit more use (and are BRIGHT!) Contact ejessup (at) calacademy.org
  8. In NEW condition (used once)- Amphibico PHENOM FXZ1 PRO Housing Amphibico 4.3" 16:9 High Definition LCD Monitor Sony HDR-FX1 Light & Motion Sunray 2000 Video Light System Light & Motion Battery Pack for Sunray 1000 & 2000 Light & Motion Sunray Light Adapter G.A.S. Pelican 1624 Wheeled Case W/ Padded Dividers This setup was purchased new from Reef Photo and used only once. Would like to sell as a full setup, but willing to sell parts individually. Please PM for details, serious inquiries only - this video setup cost just under $18k new. (Located in the SF Bay Area, CA)
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