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  1. Sorry all - been trying to delete post. The domes are all sold. Also, apologies if I missed queries or didn't reply.
  2. So I have 3 domes for sale all about a year old. 2 are flawless and one has a very slight scratch on the side that is generally not noticeable without specific light flare. I was going to sell the 2 good ones for $450 each and the very slight scratch for $300. These come with the Nauticam 30mm Extension rings. Any questions drop me a line and happy send more photos or answer any other questions. Thanks! Evan
  3. Hi there! I am selling off my 2 Rouge housings for the RED EPIC cameras, preferably as a pair. They have been good housings over the years and I would love to see them go to a good home! Each comes with a 2" extension port, extra gear and a vacuum port fort the Gates vacuum system (but not the vacuum actual pump). I was usually shooting with Canon L series glass and images were...Epic :-) Looking to sell both as pair for $8000 OBO. Email or PM me with questions. evan@evankovacs.net Thanks!
  4. Dropping the price to 1000USD if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  5. I am selling 4 Hartenberger strobes that are virtually unused other than some testing for a project that ended. These are some of the best strobes I have had a chance to work with and although they are pretty large they are incredibly robust, simple and reliable. I bought them for 1600 Euro each and am selling for 1250USD each. They include battery and charger and custom cases for each. PM me if interested. The website: http://www.hartenberger.de/english/e_hartenberger.html Go to "Flashlight" Section
  6. The Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory (AIVL) of WHOI have ... a 3D HD rig that fits in the palm of a large hand. They use F950, Red and HDC-P1s even. Drew, I also heard that they developed a very small rig, but clearly they are not using F950s, Reds or HDC-P1s for that palm of hand system. I was wondering if anyone knew what they were using or what might be available in that size range? Mark We end up using a huge variety of cameras - the large rigs incorporate P-1's and Reds. The smaller rigs incorporate a series of custom sensors with remote recording capability via fiber optic and internal recording via Nanos. We also use small camera blocks that are not genlockable but we hack into them and pixel lock them. Every single rig has a tradeoff to do with size vs image quality vs fully autonomous or not... Hope this helps. Evan
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