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  1. I have used the canon 100mm with the 1Ds mark 2 it did a great job the canon 60mm is no slouch either. You should ask yourself what kind of working comfort zone you want from the front of your port to your subject. I have seen divers use 200mm lens for macro work because they could not get close enough to those little eels that live in open sandy bottoms. Try to stick with canon on this matter. That said I have just purchased a Tokina 10-17mm for wide angle work. Safe diving Peter
  2. This question is for Jean Is it possible to convert the old screw on dome ports to the new bayonet style? I have four old style ports two six inch and two eight inch. Is this possible or cost effective? Peter
  3. I do not have auto focus when I am in video mode. The manual tells you to pre focus and you then control your depth of field with your aperture. With my other system which is a video camera the Sony NX5U in an amphibico housing and their 94 degree dome port I pre set the focus on land and enjoy sharp images from just in front of my port to infinity. Now this video housing port acts like a diopter and this is not the case with the canon 7d. To re focus the canon I have to stop filming and depress the shutter half way and resume the video. On land if I zoom after I start video I have to manually refocus. But you’re right if the housing does not allow for this then I guess I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Peter
  4. You just can’t go wrong with an Aquatica housing I have owned a few to say the least. All have worked flawlessly and are built rock solid.The port optics are also first rate. Best bang for your buck and I am not getting paid to say this although I will entertain any offers. Peter
  5. Hello I'm new to this site I have a question that I'm sure has been asked before in one form or another so here goes. I am in need of information regarding two wide angle lens choices for my Canon 7D. The two lenses are both Tokina’s the 10-17mm fisheye and the 11-17mm wide angle. I am familiar with the unique view point of a fisheye. This lens will be used in both photo and video with a variety of subject matter ranging from Whale sharks to cave diving. I will also use this lens to a lesser degree for some time lapse video ether sunrise or sunsets. The issues I would like to address would be “over all sharpness” especially edge to edge sharpness. I am looking specifically for comparative image sharpness using the various F-Stops f2.8 vs. f8 or f16. For all video and some photography I will be using the lens in manual mode and not autofocus. I am also willing to consider other lens manufactures such as Canon, Sigma. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. I am aware that no lens is perfect for all occasions but I am willing to settle for a happy medium. Safe diving Peter
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