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  1. Yes, the viewfinder is still available.
  2. I'm not familiar with mirrorless housings, but a quick look at Nauticams website would suggest that it's the same system on both the mirrorless and dSLR housings. Minor cosmetic scuffs on the viewfinder body, as you'd expect on a used item. Optically perfect.
  3. I have an Inon 45 degree viewfinder for sale. To fit either Nauticam or Sea and Sea housings (adaptors for both included). Looking for £300, UK based.
  4. Nauticam also make arms and clamps that are very similiar to the ULCS. When I last looked they worked out slightly less expensive.
  5. I also insure under my household insurance. I'm not sure that I'm covered in the event of me flooding my housing, but at the price that the likes of divemaster charge, I'd have to be claiming every other year for it to be cheaper than "self underwriting"... I do know that I'm covered for all of my gear (including rebreather) when travelling.
  6. The Inon viewfinder will fit most dSLR housings, you just need the right adaptor. The adaptors cost a fraction of what the viewfinders sell for...
  7. The Inon 45 deg viewfinder fits just fine on nauticam housings using an adaptor. No permanent modifications needed.
  8. D7000, no question. The D5100 has only one command dial. That, for me is a killer, even before you look at the other differences.
  9. Hi, I'll take the two 8" arms.
  10. Read this thread. It's a known issue and there is a fix for it.
  11. Surely, if the Hugycheck had done it's job, you would not have got in the water? Is that not the whole point of it? To check the housing is air tight on the surface?
  12. Here's a list of what I've got... My advert on YD £600? Where are you based?
  13. Well, it depends what you're after. I have the housing, D80 body, extension ring 40, SX extension ring and compact dome port. Plus a few other odds and ends. Bare housing? £700 seems fair.
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