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  1. I have a Hugyfot with the hugy check system and I absolutly love it. I always set my kit up the night before and never had a problem ......................... green is good
  2. I have a Canon 7D and use a Hugyfot housing made in Belgium. Beautiful housing and I love the huggy check system
  3. Hi, Have you tried lighting the subject using the edge of the beam? Strobes pointing straight or slightly outwards and use the innermost egde of the beam, rather than pointing the strobes directly at the subject. Found out about it by reading a book by underwater photographer Martin Edge. Good luck! Caroline
  4. Beware, I recently flew with Thai air from Heathrow, they were actually pulling people within 20 metres of the plane door weighing and searching their luggage!!!!!!! so be very careful if you re-jig your stuff once you get airside, some people had to dump stuff or check it into the hold. Ryanair do the same............. But that is likely to come as no surprise to those in the UK
  5. I haven't got a photo but it it just a simple canvas jacket I got from TKMAXX. I chose one with lots of pockets already in it, then stitched a large canvas pocket on the rear. This pocket can hold my netbook, macro port, and 2 INON strobes. It is closed with 2 long velcro strips. The strobe arms are placed down the sleeves to which I have also added velcro to keep them closed at the end.................... Obviously I never put the jacket on .
  6. I take it all with me and have got it down to 5.5 kg in my carry on luggage and 6.5kg in my jacket, due to the number of pockets added by both the manufacturer and myself I always carry a great big smile and am ubber polite with the staff and so far, touch wood...............
  7. Unfortunately the contract between the baby swim company and the parents prevent me from sending you the images, they are the same as the urchin rock ones......... Just better these strobes definatly give enough light. There is another company in the uk called water babies who may be able to assist. Also if you google Martin edge, he does baby splashers which is also underwater baby photos. Caroline
  8. Bebe, I do this baby photography, and use 2x INON Z240 strobes. I don't have additional lighting but admit it would be nice though not essential. I also use a Tokina 10-17 lens. Trial and error will get you there. Hope this helps Caroline
  9. Jose, I can't help you re the ike housing but I have the canon G9 housing and love it. It is a common misunderstanding re not being able to use all the camera functions because you can. I use it with an INON macro lens with fitting adapter. It is not suitable however with any wide angle lens. I looked at the ike housing but Find them a bit 'boxy'. Hope this helpsCaroline
  10. It is Ocean Leisure Cameras and within the store Ocean Leisure. It is on The Embankment, the tube is Embankment tube, also near Charing Cross Train station (hence the bridge, going over the river). Good store and I have bought stuff from there before. Marbles now found? Caroline
  11. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all but my computer crashed and burned Got a nice new one now though. I am not sure how to upload a photo yet but the problem is the same as the dots shown on the picture with the crab. Thank you for your help. Just gonna have to do some more diving to practice my technique I think !
  12. Hi, I am new to this forum and hope someone can help. Till now I have had a compact camera underwater but have recently housed my Canon 7D and taken it to the Red Sea. In some of the photos I have what appears to be a cloudy looking hexagon. I assume it has something to do with the aperture as it appears to be the same shape but I am not sure, anyone know? Or know what is causing it? It was in a Hugyfot housing and I had 2 X INON Z240 strobes, not sure whether they were on when I took the photos though. Thanks, Caroline
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