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  1. Thinking of accompanying a friend when they visit their daughter in Singapore after Thanksgiving. If we go it will be 2 couples and we'll spend a couple days in Singapore then 2-3 weeks either near Bali or Phuket or somewhere else. That's the purpose of my post, where would you suggest for 2-3 weeks. The other couple are not divers and we won't be bringing our dive gear or UW camera. We don't want to lay out on the beach but would prefer jungle type day trips and seeing temples, etc. We are thinking of renting a house for a week in different locations. We'll probably do some snorkeling and maybe a dive or 2 but not planning on UW photography, just above water photos. So what are your favorite above water photo locations?
  2. I've used a small waterproof case for the truck & condo keys, eyeglasses, credit cards, drivers license, etc. Just put it in my BC pocket and dove.
  3. Just ordered a 27" iMac from BHphoto with 8GB ram, 256 GB SSD. Should be here in 3 days!
  4. Ok, so my much better (and smarter) half has approved me to buy a new iMac! I'm thinking of getting a 21.5" with 16GB ram, 3.1GHz processor, but not sure about which hard drive to get. I have 256GB SSD on my Macbook and like the speed so thinking about getting that for the iMac. Not familiar with the Fusion drives, can you specify which data gets put on the flash memory? And any way to know how large that flash memory is? I might just get either the 256GB or 512GB SSD drive and use an external drive for storing pictures, videos, etc.
  5. I have a 2013 Macbook Pro, 2.6GHz it, 8GB ram, 256GB SSD, Retina 1GB. I'm an advanced hobbyist and use LightRoom 5 to adjust and convert Raw files from my Oly Em1 and Sony RX100-2. I find my current Macbook adequate, not blazingly fast but fast enough for now. Don't do video but may do some very light processing in the future. I'm ready to buy a desktop and wondering if a Mac Mini or an iMac would be best? and what configuration, processor, Ram, etc.? Also is it worth it to buy the 5K Retina version or the standard display? I plan to use the desktop to also serve as a movie and music server. Another question is it better to buy a used earlier generation high end iMac or a new base iMac? I'm NOT looking for the fastest, bestest, screaming machine out there. Just one that will be a bit faster than my current Macbook. So what would be the minimum configuration you suggest?
  6. I found one that works. Thanks anyway.
  7. This is a long shot but haven't had any luck anywhere else. I need an 8mm analog camcorder to play my old 8mm home movies so I can convert them to digital. If you have one stuck in the closet you want to get rid of please let me know. But please make sure that it still works properly to load and play the tapes. I have a Sony but the loading mechanism is bad. Thanks!
  8. Never mind. Figured it out. Had to right click on that area and choose basic. Last time I leave my macbook where my 8 year old grand daughter can get it!
  9. At the beach with limited internet so can't search much. Thought someone here could help me. Processing raw files in LR 5, my granddaughter got hold of my laptop and now I've lost the adjustment settings on the righthand toolbar. Normally these are for adjusting white balance: sunny, cloudy, shade, flash, custom, etc. Also lost exposure adjustment, contrast, highlight and shadow adjustments, clarity, saturation. I've tried and can't seem to find these. Right now I have histogram, toolbar showing crop, redeye, healing brush, etc., then tone curve, HSL color B&W, detail and a couple others. Any ideas how to get these adjustments back to what I had before. Thanks.
  10. Definitely, bought the 2 ounce tub so I'll have plenty. The threads on the aluminum pieces are bare with some corrosion so they'll need plenty of protection. But I plan to disassemble the tray after diving. I was surprised by the fizzing action of the Deoxit (plain variety, not gold). It evidently worked its way down into the threads better than PB blaster.
  11. Deoxit worked! Yesterday I heated up the bolt and sprayed with PB blaster and had no luck. Just now sprayed with Deoxit and it came right off. Interestingly the handles were full of saltwater. I have Tefgel on order and will reassemble using that.
  12. I've used deoxit for years on electronic parts but never on frozen bolts. I'll try it tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Just bought a used tray and wanted to move the handles to a position better for my hands. Of course the stainless bolts are frozen to the aluminum tray. Not unusual and what I kinda expected but what tips can I use to remove them without breaking the bolts? I thought about putting it in boiling water then spraying with PB blaster, or putting in an oven about 200-250 F then spraying with PB. Any other suggestions before my wife runs me out of the kitchen?
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