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  1. Strobe has a new home, thanks. Fibers and other accessories currently still available.
  2. Hi All, These are spares I'd like to sell. Buyer covers any fees and shipping. I can accept paypal or venmo. I'm in the lower 48 US and have shipped to various international destinations but we all know it can be a hassle so I'd like to avoid it if possible. Inon Z240 Strobe Type 4, New, Never Used. $350USD No blemishes, no scratches, exactly new. Took it out of the box for the pics, includes two additional spare battery compartment o'rings (Strobe comes with one on it and a spare; so this is a total of four) Three Inon Optical D cables Type L $100USD All three are new, never used.. Apparently I must have pulled one the L connectors off the one sometime, so one doesn't include it, the rest are standard, see the pic Inon AD Lens Holder $10USD New, never used, complete in box exactly as new. Ultralight Control Systems components $50USD and this I'll cover shipping but not funding fees. ULCS-CSF (2 quantity), 1 ea of the TR-DUP, AD-6mm, BA-TP, AD103, BA-TP They're in excellent condition except the BT-TG which is just a used spare I picked up sometime along the way Message me with any questions, and I hope everyone is well and has a safe holiday season. PJ
  3. Apologies for not replying until now, I have been busy with family matters and missed any notification of new post here. It it is the 43cm version (without uncoiling which lengthens it) and it is still available. Price is flexible, looking to find it a home that can use it.
  4. Refreshing this listing as I'm still looking to find a home for this. $27.50 includes shipping to CONUS and happy to also work things out with an international buyer. PM me if you want this, thanks.
  5. Liquivision Lynx with NEW condition Transmitter LYNX wrist unit is in GREAT condition, no defects, no abuse, never flooded, all functions work perfectly. A total of 23dives on the unit. ~Adhesive screen protector was installed before first use and can easily be removed by peeling off leaving no residue - screen protector has never been scratched. ~Includes wrist straps (rubber & bungee) and carry/storage case all in in perfect condition. ~Includes 3 batteries, but buyer should plan for additional batteries (using external voltage multi-meter they tested fine at time of listing) ~ PC interface download kit w/usb cable INCLUDED Transmitter has never been used and is in completely NEW condition. ~Includes two batteries which have never been used, but buyer should plan for additional battery options. (voltage multi-meter check was fine at time of listing) ~Includes battery adapter that liquivision supplies to use same size batteries as wrist, plus spare replacement o-rings. ~Original packaging not pictured included. $650 shipped. PM me for arrangements. Thank you
  6. These spares that I will not be using and I'm not looking to profit back off these, they are FREE to whoever can use them. Well, I mean if you want to give me something extra (not required), I'll happy buy myself a beer with it. 3 sets of Sea&Sea lens gear o-rings, unused, whole, in package. 1 set of Nikonos SB-102 o-ring, unused, whole, in package. Sea&Sea are uncut, you might be able to use them on ports as well, I do not know and have not researched that. Some of the SB102 orings might be useful for SB104, SB105, I do not know and have not researched that either. Likely the easiest solution is you send me a postage paid envelope and I'll mail it back to you. Unless you have a better service? I can omit the nikonos o-ring grease pictured. PM me if you want any of them. Cheers!
  7. Looking to sell an unused spare INON Optical Cable, optical sync cable only (see pic). PM a reasonable offer, thanks.
  8. For Sale: Ultralight Control Systems (ULCS) Accessories, all in great condition. BA-IK Base Adapter for Ikelite Handles AC-NB Neck Ball Adapter AC-USLm Mini Universal Spotting Light Adapter AC-CS Clamp Prefer to sell as a package whole before splitting. Combined retail is $117.00, package price $50.00 and includes shipping to lower US 48 PM me if you want it, thanks.
  9. The strobe package has been SOLD, THANK YOU! The camera with housing, lenses, and modeling light accessories is still available. It would be great if we can find a home for it and some will make use of it. Makes a nice and inexpensive option into underwater photography and bridge to a whole new added adventure to diving.
  10. Perhaps this helps? Cameras+Housing package, $200 complete INCLUDES shipping and the following; ~ Two Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom Digital Cameras ~ Ikelite Housing for C-5060, C-7070 ~ 4 total camera batteries, 2 battery chargers, spare O-rings ~ Both dual handle and single handle trays for housing ~ ULCS BA-IK Ikelite Handle Adapter ~ ULCS AC-NB Neck Ball Adaptor ~ ULCS AC-CS Clamp ~ ULCS AC-USLm Universal Light Adapter ~ Olympus 0.7X Wide Conversion Lens WCON-07C with front and rear covers. ~ Olympus Camedia CLA-7 Conversion Lens Adapter ~ Olympus 1.7X Tele Conversion Lens TCON-17C ~ Olympus Digital FL-50 Electronic Flash with optional handle tray and sync cord INON Z240 Type 4 Strobe package, $500 complete and INCLUDES shipping and the following: ~ INON Z240 Type 4 Strobe ~ ULCS DB-05 Double Ball Arms (2 qty) ~ ULCS AC-CS Clamps (3 qty) ~ ULCS AD-IN Ball Adaptor ~ Ikelite INON/Sea&Sea to Ikelite Sync Cord 4118.1 ~ INON Optical Cable Sync Cord The Ultralight accessories, Sync Cords, and Camera Lenses/Electronic Digital Flash are in great condition. Buyers assume any paypal fees. Shipping included to US lower 48, shipping outside of that available at additional charge. Thank you. Some additional pics.
  11. Yes, willing to sell the INON strobe by itself. Email sent to you for contact (please check your spam filter). We have also located her new condition INON Optic D Cable L as well. Also, she has the following mint condition lens/accessories that have not been ever used: Olympus 0.7X Wide Conversion Lens WCON-07C with front and rear covers. New in box Olympus Camedia CLA-7 Conversion Lens Adapter Olympus 1.7X Tele Conversion Lens TCON-17C Olympus Digital FL-50 Electronic Flash Olympus camera tray with flash mount and electronic flash sync cord
  12. Hello All, Unfortunately a very close dive buddy of mine developed a (non-diving) medical condition and will not be diving any further. I've offered to help list and ship. There has been no problems with the equipment and has not been used in about 18months. $575.00 for the entire package plus shipping. INON Z240 Type 4 strobe ULCS Z240 stobe mount Two Olympus C-5060 wide zoon digital cameras Ikelite Olympus C5060/C7070 Housing with single and dual handle trays Camera batteries, chargers, manuals, spare o-rings for housing/strobes, diffusers, carry straps, remote camera control, and more. (If anyone is interested; there is also a Liquivision Lynx Wrist Computer with Air-Integrated Transmitter, Scubapro Prime Wrist Computer, miscellaneous wetsuits, dry suits, undergarments, hooded vests, fins, etc, that she will no longer be able to use that must be sold). Thank you for understanding and hope someone can make a good home and use of this.
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