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  1. Hi!! what is your best offer?......please let me know goldingproductions@gmail.com
  2. Hi, I think that is perfect, how is called fiber optic cable? get some number? get some specific name? where I can buy? thanks
  3. Hi! I have canon Rebel xti with Canon 60mm macro EFS lens.....my question is...What i need to use a Kenko TC 1.4?....a Canon extensión tube 12mm EF?......because I cant use just Kenko + 60mm EFS correct? Thanks
  4. Have you ever used just Canon 60mm + Kenko 1.4x? have you ever used just Canon 60mm + kenko 1.4x?
  5. Hi, I readed in a website that Teleconverter Keiko is not recomended to canon lens EFS, is true that?...I can use that configuration?......I have Canon 60 mm.
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